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Country Profile: ETHIOPIA

Flag EthiopiaHailemariam’s appointment as deputy prime minister and foreign minister in an October government reshuffle strengthens his position as a potential successor in 2015. Hailemariam’s party, the SEPDM, has also gained a further two prominent ministries, defence and federal affairs, strengthening the party relative to the traditional power bases in the TPLF, OPDO and ANDM.


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Country Profile: MOROCCO

Flag MoroccoNew party enlivens debate
The government wants to shift export dependence away from European markets and strengthen the domestic economy through infrastructure building and decentralisation.

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Country Profile: NIGERIA

Flag NigeriaTensions rise ahead of polls

Battles within the ruling PDP mean that the 2011 elections may be the country’s most competitive ever, but the risks of military intervention and electoral fraud are ever-present.

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Country Profile: SOUTH AFRICA

Flag AFSGames over, the battles begin
Managing the tripartite alliance in 2011 and beyond will be one of President Zuma's more difficult tasks as the SACP and ANCYL prove to be among the government's harshest critics.

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Country Profile: ZAMBIA

Flag ZambiaCopper’s lasting shine

The 2011 electoral showdown will be another test of personalities as well as opposition unity, as the PF and UPND can only hope to unseat the ruling MMD through a common candidacy.

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Country Profile: BOTSWANA

Flag BotswanaDefections rock the boat

The biggest one-year drop in real GDP growth has concentrated the minds of leaders in Gaborone to focus on value-added projects and the diversification of mineral exports.

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Country Profile: LESOTHO

Flag LesothoUncertainty on all fronts
The textile indusry has been hit by a global downswing in consumption, so the government is looking to add value to diamond exports and to sell water to its drier neighbours.

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Country Profile: MADAGASCAR

Flag MadagascarChange the music, DJ
Uncertainty hangs over Madagascar's political prospects as the country once again attempts to rebuild stability.

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Country Profile: MALAWI

Flag MalawiFertiliser and rubber stamps 
Malawi's prospects have been boosted by the government's agricultural subsidy programme and the beginning of uranium production, but the tobacco industry faces regulation.

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Country Profile: MAURITIUS

Flag MauritiusTurning towards state intervention
The government is promising to introduce constitutional reforms as well as a review of the electoral system, which highlights ethnic differences, and of state control of the media.

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Country Profile: MOZAMBIQUE

Flag MozambiqueThe potential paradox
The post-conflict boom was barely dampened by the economic crisis and foreign banks and mining companies continue to look for opportunities throughout the country. 

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Country Profile: NAMIBIA

Flag NamibiaSolid minerals
With growth dependent on uranium and diamond exports, there is a new push to expand copper, natural gas and agricultural production to diversify the economy and increase government revenue.

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Country Profile: SEYCHELLES

Flag SeychellesAftershocks of the upheaval
The ruling party may face an electoral backlash in 2011 if its IMF-backed fiscal fitness programme does not yield quick results and the islands' tourism industry continues to lag.

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Country Profile: SWAZILAND

Flag SwazilandNo sweetner for absolute monarchy
Foreign investment is sorely needed as customs receipts are falling, mining and agriculture have declined and the sugar industry reels against international prices.

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Country Profile: ZIMBABWE

Flag ZimbabweFrazzled hopes and expectations
People's livelihoods would improve fastest if there were a take-off in the agricultural sector, but commercial and small-scale farming remains stagnant and in need of new investment.

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Country Profile: BURUNDI

Flag BurundiA return to the single-party era
The exclusion of the opposition from government positions and political debate has heighte heightened the risk that former rebel groups will return to the battlefield to make their voices heard.

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Country Profile: COMOROS

Flag ComoresDelicate transition
National elections in late 2010 could cement the idea of the rotating presidency enshrined in the 2001 constitution, provided that early organisational obstacles are overcome.

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Country Profile: DJIBOUTI

Flag DjiboutiA bulwark against regional insecurity
After changing the constitution to allow a third term, President Guelleh is assured of maintaining his politicial dominance and gaining another six years in power after elections in early 2011

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Country Profile: ETHIOPIA

Flag EthiopiaFirm hands on the tiller
Ethiopia's large potential for energy exports is being explored as large new hydro-electric dams are completed in the next couple of years to supplement trade in coffee and other commodities.

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Country Profile: KENYA

Flag KenyaNew constitution, new politics
The government is focused on implementing the terms of the new constitution before national elections in 2012 that will pit Prime Minister Odinga against President Kibaki’s chosen candidate.

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