Lights out: poor governance and Africa's energy crisis

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria Thursday March 1, 2007. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALAMBA/AP/SIPA.

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALABAMA/AP/SIPA.

By: Max Bankole Jarrett

Africa is rich in resources and opportunities. In so many fields, however, the continent is yet to hit its stride, often because there is not enough political will to manage resources better and create necessary incentives. Africa's energy crisis is a prime example.

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Interview: We had to change our approach - Maria Ramos

Photos© Lettie FerreiraMaria Ramos talks to The Africa Report about the reconfiguration of the South African market since the crisis of 2008/2009 and the bank's new plans for Nigeria

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Cameroon: Hunger, anger and fear

Photos© Xinhua news agencyFresh Boko Haram attacks in the north exacerbate food insecurity

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Missing Mauritius's sweet spot

Photos© Holger Leue/CorbisDespite government hopes of Mauritius becoming a high-income country by the end of the decade, analysts fear the downturn in the key sugar and tourism industries, sparked by the European economic crisis, mean it will miss its 2020 target. Meanwhile, the financial sector remains under pressure due to concerns over the future of a crucial tax treaty

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Mozambique: On the hook

A dodgy tuna fish deal has created unsustainable debts for Maputo

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Ghana introduces load shedding, as gas pipeline is damaged

Map of Ghana Ghana has begun a nationwide load shedding exercise to ease an expected power crisis following damages to a major gas pipeline.

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Can Africa benefit from a Greek exit?

Though the idea of 'eurogeddon' is shaking world markets and leaving many wondering what will come next, are there any ways in which Africa could benefit from a country leaving the eurozone? 

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Food Security: Security of supply, come rain or come shine

altWhile international experts predict more shortages to come, the government has launched a $2bn investment programme to avoid future crises.

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Focus on: Marc Ravalomanana, former President of Madagascar

altFormer president Marc Ravalomanana saw his plans for return fall apart once again.

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Country Profile 2012: MAURITIUS

Flag MauritiusThe search for a perfect partner
An ill-fated attempt to revive a grand coalition between Mauritius' two largest political parties lasted little more than a year before collapsing in recriminations in mid-2011, creating a sense of crisis that seemed to coincide with the country's declining economic indicators towards the end of the year.

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Executive profile: Arunma Oteh

The new head of the Nigeria's capital markets aims to boost their value tenfold to a trillion dollars by 2016 after imposing international regulatory standards.

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Economic planning for uncertain times - Donald Kaberuka

Donald Kaberuka - President of The African Development BankBusiness confidence in Europe's leading economies is at its lowest level since 2000. The prospects for 2012 are even bleaker, with growth forecast at barely above 1 per cent.

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Zimbabwe political parties to deal with violence

Tsvangirai says the Central Committee and national executive councils of the three parties will meet to discuss the issue of political violence/Photo/ReutersFeuding political parties in Zimbabwe's coalition government are set for an unprecedented crisis meeting on Friday as political temperatures soar in the southern African nation.

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Red Tape, Bureaucracy, Life and Death

Red tape and bureaucracy, while some say are part of life and the "official way", can literally bridge the divide between life and death in the Horn of Africa.

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Dynamic Africa will help world economic recovery, says Sarkozy ahead of G20

French President Nicolas Sarkozy/Photo/Reuters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on world leaders not to use the financial crisis as an excuse to ignore urgent actions that need to be taken on global development.

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ILO Director-General in Africa: Many success stories but more needs to be done to create decent jobs, reduce poverty

Africa has weathered the global economic and financial crisis better than other continents. It is growing again, exports are soaring and foreign investment is flowing in, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Director-General, Juan Somavía, told the ILO African Regional Meeting that started on Tuesday 11 October in Johannesburg. This is the ILO's 12th African meeting and the first to be held in South Africa.

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China donates food to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s has taken delivery of $14million worth of food hand outs from China to ease starvation that has spread to most parts of the country.

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Gas shortages push firewood prices in Ghana

An acute shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Ghana for the past five months has led to a sharp rise in the demand for charcoal and firewood countrywide.

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Hannibal: Portuguese lessons for Africa's bank

What can Africa learn from a creaking Europe?

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AMISOM frees 41 Al Shabaab civilian detainees

The African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Thursday said its peacekeeping forces together with those of Somalia undertook a military operation against Al Shabab in Mogadishu, which resulted in the release of 41 civilian detainees held by the Islamist group.

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