The controversial jatropha stumbles in Kenya

A study shows that biofuel from plantations at the Dakatcha Woodland would result in up to six times more carbon emissions than fossil fuels/Photo/ReutersA campaign by Nature Kenya and other Environmental Justice Organizations (EJOs) has saved the Dakatcha Woodland Important Bird Area (IBA) from destruction from biofuel crops after Kenya's National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) rejected clearance for a pilot project on over 10,000 ha of land.

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Nutrition: Hidden hunger not cured by higher incomes

Photo/ReutersMalnutrition is undermining human development in Africa.

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Delivering long-term solutions to hunger and poverty

Photo/ReutersEffective farming starts with good seeds. A new programme will add 40 private, independent seed companies to the 60 already established for crops such as maize, cassava and legumes.

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Sunny Verghese, Olam's founder and CEO

altOlam's founder and chief executive explains how weaving close relationships with farming communities is at the heart of its expansion on the continent. 

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Zimbabwe faces mass starvation

50 0000 hectares out of 160 0000 hectares of the maize crop planted in Zimbabwe in 2011 is a write-off because of lack of rain/Photo/ReutersThe cash strapped Zimbabwe government has admitted that it faces a daunting task of feeding half a million citizens...

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Country Profile 2012: Burundi

As in recent years the Burundese government's biggest issues in 2012 will be the security issue, having to tackle intensified actions from rebel group FNL. As for the economy, corruption may prove to be the main barrier against a continued in-flow of foreign aid, representing 60 per cent of the state's revenue. 

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Uganda: Elephants on rampage, oil firm blamed

Murchison Falls National Park is Africa's seventh largest in size and visitation accounts for some 1400 elephants/Photo/ReutersMore than 1,000 homesteads have had their crops destroyed after hundreds of elephants from Uganda's largest national game reserve, Murchison Falls National Park, broke out of their habitat.

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Zimbabwe: New farmers look for certainty

Photo/HOWARD BURDITT/REUTERSSmall-scale farmers are producing bumper crops, but they need commercial financing and security of tenure if they are to improve results dramatically

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Ghana’s GDP contracts by 5.1 percent

Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted significantly by 5.1 percent for the first quarter of 2011 compared to a 5.5 percent growth in the last quarter of 2010.

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Producing the cream of the crop

altCheap technological advances, new mapping techniques and specialised corridors are taking African producers even closer to a revolution in agricultural productivity   

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