Food: There's more to life than jollof rice

Photo©All Rights ReservedFood bloggers are at the forefront of a new wave of creativity in the Nigerian kitchen.

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Should Africa prioritise maths and science education over arts?

At the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai in March 2016, delegates debated whether focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the detriment of arts fully equips children for the world ahead.

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Theatre: Beyond the rainbow

While apartheid ruled outside, all colours shared the Market stage. Photo©All Rights ReservedJohannesburg's Market Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and complacency is not on the program.

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Film & Cinema: Tunisians defy censorship and win awards

A scene from much loved. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe November 2015 Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia showed there is a demand for more challenging and thought-provoking films, despite strong voices of disapproval in the region.

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Antiquities: The long road home

Potential buyers come face to face with ancestral art at a pre-sale exhibition at Drouot in Paris. Photo©MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFPThe continued contentious trade of Africa's cultural heritage puts Western museums and galleries under fire as African collectors fight back.

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Art beyond the gallery walls

Fabrice Monteiro’s The Prophecy was a highlight of Lagos Photo in biennale boom year 2015Okwui Enwezor was the name on everyone's lips in 2015 as he became the first African to curate the Venice Biennale.

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Behind the scenes with Danielle Eog Makedah

Photos© William NsaiThe Cameroonian singer is making waves with the seductive blend of neo-soul, jazz and spoken word found on her album Peace, Love and Light

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Trend hunter: Mama put gets a facelift

Photos© http://www.grubsmagazine.com/Getting their name from "mama put small", which is Nigerian pidgin for "ma, add a little", mama puts are streetside purveyors of Nigerian soul food.

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Cameroon's culture of indifference

Illustration©GlezAfter the interminable rows and fighting in Cameroonian football, people are now tearing each other apart over culture.

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Trend hunter: A tattoo in Cairo

Photo©Razan Alzayani/AP/SIPAAlthough tattoos have long been popular among Copts – a small cross on the palm or wrist is common – they are still frowned upon by conservative Muslims.

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Ghana: Christians rally against same-sex relationships

File Photo©ReutersGhana's Christian Council has denounced same-sex marriage, saying it is a mistake for countries to adopted and approve the practice.

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Cinema Black and white

Black director Zee Ntuli’s first film Hard to Get opened this year’s Durban film festival. Photo©NFVFA new fund and an incentive scheme will help redress the racial imbalance in South African film financing.

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A festival that hoots at hunger

After 30 days of musical fasting the festival bursts into life©MyLoupe/UIG via Getty ImagesRich in sights, sounds and tastes, the traditional Homowo harvest festival provides an insight into Ga culture, in Ghana.

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Is Africa getting fat?

Africa's GDP is growing but so too are africans' waistlines, according to new data. The story of african malnutrition is well known, but is the continent now facing a new and equally deadly challenge: obesity?

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Oforiatta-Ayim and Ghana's map of cultural thinkers

Nana Oforiatta-Ayim is planning a Ghanaian art space. Photo©Mantse AryeequayeThe returnee artist is looking to strengthen the country's creative networks and preserve past contributions. Writer, cultural historian, curator and filmmaker Nana Oforiatta-Ayim has been busy since 2012, when she returned to Ghana after a decade living in London.

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Trendhunter: App brings nollywood films to mobile screens

Bringing the latest nollywood trailers, short films, feature films and music videos to smartphones and tablets, Nigerian app afrinolly is much more than an African version of the internet movie Database.

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Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos

The success of Saro suggests a brighter future for Nigerian theatre after it received resounding reviewsNigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

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South African union disappointed over failure of Swaziland cultural boycott bid

A South African trade union has expressed disappointment that calls for artists to boycott Swaziland in protest against the neighbouring country's lack of political freedoms are not being heeded.

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Trend hunter in Johannesburg: Street cred bares its soles

Customised Converses at Johannesburg’s STR.CRDIn South Africa, heavyweight sneaker brands are leading a footwear revival by using parties, festivals and gigs to get their goods onto the feet of the young and fashionable.

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Bi Kidude - A belated tribute: A "little thing" whose voice shook the world

Taarab singer Bi Kidude died on 17 April 2013/Photo©ReutersTaarab singer Bi Kidude was one of Zanzibar's greatest cultural ambassadors and influenced a generation of musicians.

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