Using agriculture and agribusiness to bring about industrialisation in Africa


A Kenyan maize seller sifts out maize from a bucket to get rid of sand and other impurities. KAREL PRINSLOO/AP/SIPA.

By: Dr. Akinwumi Adesina

No region of the world has ever moved to industrialised economy status without a transformation of the agricultural sector. Agriculture, which contributes 16.2% of the GDP of Africa, and gives some form of employment to over 60% of the population, holds the key to accelerated growth, diversification and job creation for African economies.

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Lights out: poor governance and Africa's energy crisis

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria Thursday March 1, 2007. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALAMBA/AP/SIPA.

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALABAMA/AP/SIPA.

By: Max Bankole Jarrett

Africa is rich in resources and opportunities. In so many fields, however, the continent is yet to hit its stride, often because there is not enough political will to manage resources better and create necessary incentives. Africa's energy crisis is a prime example.

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Unicef urges Uganda to reduce child deaths

Photo©Stephen Wandera/AP/SIPAThe United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has urged Uganda to invest in its poorest communities to reduce the deaths of children under the age of five as a way of achieving the world's sustainable development goals.

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Mandela Fellows: Pathway to Africa's economic growth is inclusion

Aurelie Adam Soule, Mandela Washington fellow from Benin. Photo©FacebookMandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders' initiative has concluded a three-day regional conference in Ghana, with a call on African leaders to pursue inclusive financial, social and digital policies to quicken the continent's development pace.

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Côte d'Ivoire seeks $7 bn for development plan

Photo©Emrah Gurel/AP/SIPACôte d'Ivoire will seek to raise 4.425 trillion CFA francs ($7.65 billion) during a meeting with donor partners next month to help fund an ambitious 5-year development programme, the government's spokesman said on Wednesday.

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Growing Chinese debt leaves Angola with little spare oil

Angola is running short of crude it can sell as most of its oil is used for debt and investments repayment, leaving little revenue for anything else, like salaries and exploration or health care and roads. Image©ReutersAngola has found itself with a dwindling amount of crude to sell as more of its oil flows to China for debt repayment, leaving little revenue for anything from oil sector development to health care in one of Africa's largest oil exporting nations.

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Aggressive ICT policy reforms necessary for robust economic growth

Photo©ReutersPolicymakers have been urged to launch an aggressive intervention into the information, communication and technology (ICT) industry to stimulate rapid economic growth and tame growing youth joblessness and insecurity in Africa.

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The fluid world of the 21st century

Towards the end of his life, the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said declared that homeland was no longer important to him. He had spent his life as an exile, and he saw the violence and damage that a sense of place could create – especially when that space was contested by peoples who sought its sole ownership.

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Niger's big boost to up-and coming SME shoots

Photos© All rights reservedPutting together an innovative start-up is one thing. Making sure it is profitable and sustainable is another. This is where Niger's sole SME incubator steps in

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Interview: Voice, Data and the future of telecoms- Irene Charnley

Irene Charnley, Chief executive, Smile Telecoms Although mobile growth continues to register an unprecedented growth in the developing world, revenue from voice is stagnating. In terms of future growth, Irene Charnley, Chief executive of Smile Telecoms, sees data playing a major role. 

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Agriculture: From copper to cows, a Zambian move

Photos© Adrià Fruitos for TARThe mining downturn is leading Zambia's government to look to agricultural development for opportunities

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Technology: Joining the digital race

Photos© JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/CorbisCompanies and policymakers are looking at ways to transform teaching with new technology, which requires the development of infrastructure, creation of content and the training of a new generation of teachers

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Climate Change: Africa fights for a deal

World leaders listen to an address by Pope Francis on 25 September before adopting the SDGs at the United Nations headquarters, NY. Photo©UN/Cia PakAs African leaders, climate change experts and scholars understand it, the climate change agreement currently being negotiated and expected to be adopted in Paris is an opportunity to emphasise the link between climate and development.

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Tanzania: Waiting for sweet salvation

Photos© Noor KhamisThe government's partnership with Swedish company EcoEnergy was touted as a flagship for foreign investment. NGOs say it is a land grab. Caught in the middle for the past four years are the farmers due compensation

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Should Africa do the economic heavy lifting on climate change?

The Paris talks about a new global climate deal will start up in late November. The 2009 Copenhagen summit yielded little to help Africa adapt to changing weather patterns, so governments may have to look for new strategies.

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Strike cripples South Africa's parliament

Talks between National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete and Nehawu's leadership are continuingSouth Africa's parliament has been brought to a standstill by striking over bonus calculations, a development that has crippled the institutions's legislative agenda.

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Angola Country Profile 2015: The oil-barrel blues

altThe government, run by the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA), is focused on dealing with lower levels of oil production and a dropping oil price.

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Madagascar Country Profile 2015: A transition to normality

Flag Madagascar

Madagascar enters 2015 with the government looking to put the instability of the past behind it.

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Mozambique Country Profile 2015: New man, same party, fresh challenges


Managing resource wealth from the energy sector and a more politically divided country in the aftermath of a rebellion by the Resistência Nacional de Moçambicana (Renamo) party will dominate events in 2015.

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Zambia Country Profile 2015: Sata's uncertain legacy

Flag Zambia

A tough baptism awaits the late President Michael Chilufya Sata's successor after presidential elections due in January 2015.

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