Senegal Country Profile 2015: Sall's plan is emerging

altLike President Barack Obama, Senegal's Macky Sall swept into office on the promise that he would deliver change.

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Tanzania Country Profile 2015: Heads turned by the scent of gas

altWith general elections planned for October 2015, the months ahead promise higher political stakes than ever before in a country long dominated by the heavy hand of the former single party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

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Comoros Country Profile 2015: Struggling to keep the lights on

altThe risk of political tension in the Comoros continues to run high as the government machinery is unable to meet the population's development demands and rivalries between politicians continue to call the country's rotating presidency into question.

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Uganda Country Profile 2015: Marching towards another ballot

altIn the East African arena, President Yoweri Museveni wants to make his mark as the elder statesman of a so-called new "coalition of the willing"
that is intended to forge stronger relations with Rwanda and Kenya, leaving the more cautious Tanzania on the sidelines.

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Is democracy getting in the way of development?

Photos© Christophe Calais/Signatures; Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAThe Africa Report, in association with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is organising the inaugural session of The Africa Report Debates in Accra on 20 November to ask the question: Is democracy getting in the way of development?

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Mo Ibrahim: There is another way of doing business

Photos© Vincent Fournier/JAThe results of this year's Ibrahim Index show the pace of progress is slowing, especially on security and economic opportunities. Holding private businesses and institutions accountable is the only way to improve governance, Mo Ibrahim says

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Democracy: Vote and vote again but forget the term limits

altBack in January, 2015 was being hyped as the year of African elections – not because of any great democratic dispensation but because of the neatness of the five in 2015 coinciding with the end of one term of office or another.

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John Mahama: Our mid-term story is very good

Photos© Vincent Fournier/JAWith a history of political pluralism and economic reform, Ghana is set to host the launch of The Africa Report Debates

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South Africa's low-cost learning

Photos© All rights reserved The country is host to a growing number of private schools that are competing to deliver quality education and using innovative teaching and management techniques to attract more students out of the troubled state schooling sector

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LTE for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Photos© All rights reservedSmile Telecoms is developing a fast mobile broadband network

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Democratic Republic of Congo: The Kabila legacy

Photos© Stephane de Sakutin/AFPWith little more than a year left before President Kabila is due to step down, The Africa Report looks into where he has kept his promises and where they have fallen down. One issue remains unclear: whether he will strengthen Congolese democracy or join the ranks of presidents seeking to stay in power at all costs

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Zimbabwe’s debt market to relaunch

Photos© All rights reserved Issuers, investors and regional bourses are excited by the news from Harare

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South Africa-Nigeria: The heart of the matter

altEconomics should drive Nigeria and South Africa closer together. structurally, the prospects are bright: the two economies are quite different in terms of resources, productive capacity, technological development and market size.

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Nigeria/South Africa: Breaking the cycle

Photos© PhotoMontage TAR; Matthieu Spohn/Corbis ; Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Getty images; Getty images; SIPAWith a Nigerian at the head of the AfDB and a South African representing the AU, never has the time been riper for South Africa and Nigeria to forgive past disagreements and lead the continent towards greater cooperation

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Senegal gets growing

Photos© Rose Skelton for TARFertile and politically stable, Senegal is beginning to compete with Egypt and South Africa to export fresh fruit and vegetables to European markets. The government is also developing a major rice production centre around the Senegal River

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Black hawker down: reflections on Africa’s possible urban futures

altFour contenders are vying for ownership of Africa's urban spaces: the international financial system, the operators of the informal economy, the new elite still holding on to the post-colonial dream of building shiny new metropolises, and Mother Nature.

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Banking's uneven development in Cameroon

Photos© All rights reserved Banks are readily lending to government and multinational firms, but neglecting the retail and small-business sectors. Critics say there is much to do to improve governance and pull in the unbanked

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Growth: Jobs, jobs and more jobs

Photos© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAWithin 35 years Africa will have the world's biggest workforce – finding jobs for them is the top priority for governments throughout the continent as economic conditions get tougher

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Nkosana Moyo: Africa needs its own version of the Airbus project

altIn private equity, as is indeed true in virtually all other areas of human endeavour, if you want to optimise cooperation between individual entities you have to create a maximal alignment between the intended participants' interests.

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Cornielle Karekezi: Insurance development has to be top-down

Photos© All rights reservedThe head of the Nigeria-based reinsurance company says that governments are failing to do enough to strengthen the industry and to encourage people to buy insurance products

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