No Development Without Women

Nomcebo Manzini is the regional director for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands of the UN's recently created Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)"Development is not going to happen without women", says the regional director for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands of the UN's recently created Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, Nomcebo Manzini

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Construction: Building Africa's Future

African companies are finding it tough to compete and stay profitable with Asian competition /Photo/DESIREY MINKOHAs the global economy restarts its upward trend and African governments continue to create ambitious development plans, there will be more room for companies both foreign and domestic in Africa's construction market

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Ghana launches policy on PPPs to speed infrastructure development

Ghana has launched a policy on public private partnership (PPP) to help speed up the development of infrastructure.

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Dynamic Africa will help world economic recovery, says Sarkozy ahead of G20

French President Nicolas Sarkozy/Photo/Reuters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on world leaders not to use the financial crisis as an excuse to ignore urgent actions that need to be taken on global development.

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Zimbabwe's positive economic thinking

It takes robust optimism for a coalition government to launch an economic development plan with a timeline stretching to 2015 when half its ministers are agitating for fresh elections within weeks.

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Ghana considers US3 billion loan from China

Ghana’s parliament is set to approve a US$3 billion facility from the China Development Bank that will enable the country to accelerate its infrastructural development and industrial take-off.

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South Sudan: Challenge meets optimism in Juba

As war-devastated South Sudan basks in the glow of its recent independence celebrations, the new mantra from development experts from the World Bank and elsewhere is that it will take at least a generation for the new Republic of South Sudan to get on solid footing as a country capable of providing services and the hope of a better life for its citizens, who are some of the poorest in the world.

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Mining represents a great loss to Ghana’s economy - ISSER

The mining sector is bleeding Ghana's economy, with a think tank advising that the government should explore other means of revenue.

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Ethiopia taps into reserves to tame inflation

Ethiopia will reduce its financial reserves by 3.9 percent to tame raging inflation, which reached 35 percent last year.

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Is microfinance working in South Africa?

In an investigation into one microfinance recipient in South Africa, Khadija Sharife asks whether microfinance is helping families out of poverty or merely plunging them into debt    

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Building the future on a $20bn bet

altA daring redevelopment plan is being tested ?by Kenya’s new constitutional order and a nation wary of government infrastructure projects   

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Tony Blair on why aid to Africa is necessary but insufficient

From interventions in the aid debate to the work of the African Governance Initiative, ?Britain's former prime minister has not forgotten his commitment to the continent ?and is now focusing on programmes that build capacity

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Agricultural growing pains for the Bank

An internal review of World Bank projects shows that its activities in Africa have not performed very well in terms of boosting agricultural productivity or improving rural livelihoods.        

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The World Bank: does it pass the test?

Why shouldn't the taxpayers who fund the Bank attach some conditionality of their own? A report card on its performance in key areas.

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Tony Blair, interview transcript

altThe former British prime minister talks to The Africa Report about aid, development and governance in Africa  

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Côte d'Ivoire vs North Korea - Development Scorecard

Both North Korea and Côte d'Ivoire face international sanctions, a big government deficit and food insecurity. Read the last in our series of development scorecards. 


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Ghana vs Germany - Development Scorecard

We profile the relationship between Ghana and Germany off the football pitch. It's a story of cocoa, debt relief and tourism. 


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Algeria vs USA - Development Scorecard

A win against Algeria today should see the USA progress to the second round. Off the field, the two countries reached a $2-3bn arms supply deal last year. 


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South Africa vs France - Development Scorecard

altFrance and South Africa both need to win big in their final group game to have any chance of getting through to the second round but how do the two nations shape up off the pitch. Check out our Development Scorecard below to find out.  

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Côte d'Ivoire vs Brazil - Development Scorecard

Off the football field, the Brazilians are much less threatening. Annual annual trade between Brazil and Africa has risen from $3.1bn to $26.3bn in a decade. Read about the relations between Côte d'Ivoire and Brazil.  


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