Do female African journalists get the respect they deserve?

The Committee to Protect Journalists' 2016 edition of Attacks on the Press focuses on gender-based attacks on journalists, a problem compounded by fear of discrimination in the workplace if the victims speak out.

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South Africa's queen of tomorrow

Photos© Marlene Awaad/ip3/Max PPPMomentum is growing in support of a female presidential candidate for the governing ANC party. Some are supporting it as a long overdue advance for women leaders, while others have different political motives

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The new African question

When Denzel Washington recited these words with the gusto and the bravura of a master thespian in the movie Great Debaters one felt the conviction and triumphant spirit inherent in Langston Hughes's rhapsody which is nothing more than a definition of oneself to the world at a time when the author and his kind were viewed as an inferior sub population not deserving of that coveted American dream.

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Obama on equality and industrialisation in Africa

US President, Barack Obama/Photo®ReutersAfter calling for an end to the discrimination of homosexuals in Africa while in Senegal, championing liberation icon Nelson Mandela's model of leadership during a visit to South Africa, and unveiling a $15 billion "Power Africa" project, United States President Barack Obama will seal his legacy in Africa with efforts to ensure more private American investment in the continent while in Tanzania.

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Ugandan pastor seeks to make homosexual stateless

A Ugandan pastor has urged the government to declare a football administrator, Chris Mubiru an unwanted citizen in the country after he was accused of homosexuality.

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Partisan Politics Perverts US Democracy

After monitoring elections in three African countries and conducting democracy training in the vast but remote nation of Kazakhstan bordering western China, Faye Anderson better understood a fundamental fact about American elections that too many ignore.

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Country Profile 2012: MAURITANIA

The opposition has sent a chill through the political environment by accusing the government of repression, discrimination and running a military regime disguised as a democracy.

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SA reconsiders public holiday revision

Map of South AfricaSouth Africans have been asked to revisit the number of public holidays in the country following protests that they discriminate non-christians.

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Race and stolen mortgages in America

Historic mortgage discrimination settlement provides satisfaction but not justice!

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The total emancipation of Africa

Langston Hughes' poem is an attempt to define himself to a segregated America where his existential lot is one of discrimination and social rejection because of the color of his skin. Born black in a world that abhorred his race he had to assert himself to prove that he belonged and was truly worthy of the American dream.

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The Arab Spring, Islamists and North African Women

The popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt appear to have set the stage for a wave of women’s activism in Africa, with a fresh demand for freedom and dignity.

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UN launches campaign on HIV related stigma and discrimination in Ghana

The United Nations (UN) systems on Wednesday launched a global campaign to create awareness and fight against HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Accra, Ghana,

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Is China more racist than Europe?

Right-wing, anti-immigration parties are making inroads across Europe. The French national football team has considered imposing a quota system for black players on the field and in its training academies. But as fortress Europe increases its rhetoric, is China just as guilty of discrimination? Join in our debate.    

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