Liberia: Africa's unknown tax haven with much to lose

Photo©Emrah/AP/SIPAAs world leaders consider what to do about the revelations emerging from the Panama Papers, Liberia's government will be worrying about the fall-out that may cross the Atlantic Ocean from the affair.

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Drug addiction in Africa

Image copyright - GlezSitting in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, at a bar intriguingly named Pariah State, a young woman begins one of those mundane seasonal chats strangers share – How was Christmas? Isn’t the rain relentless? Any plans for New Year’s?

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Alarming crime statistics released in South Africa

File Photo©ReutersNewly released South African crime statistics indicate that crime is on the rise in the African nation, with security experts saying these are the "worst figures seen in 10 years".

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Corruption paid for in lives in Nigeria's Delta State

Some doctors collude with pharmacists to divert high-priced drugs from the government hospitals to their private clinics, with patients forced to follow/File Photo©ReutersCorruption and apathy among professionals, as well as inadequate supplies, in the public health sector of Nigeria's Delta State have led to inane service delivery leaving many victims in their wake.

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WHO issues new HIV treatment guidelines

New HIV treatment guidelines that recommend use of antiretroviral therapy (ART) earlier have been published by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Pistorius is a 'flight risk'

Photo©ReutersSouth African Olympic icon, Oscar Pistorius's bail application entered a second day, with prosecution revealing startling details of testosterone drugs and syringes found at the athlete's home.

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Overindulgence or Body Malaise? You be the judge

I am sick, sick as a dog and I don't even know what's up with me. My housemates at Morningside, where I am staying now, had to summon an ambulance one evening.

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Mali: France embeds in long regional war

French Mirage 2000D jets begin the 12 January bombardment of rebel positions/Photo©RICHARD NICOLAS-NELSON/AP/SIPATwo major challenges will confront the Franco-Malian efforts to regain control of northern Mali from the jihadist fighters who have occupied it for the past year.

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Sex, English and Wages in Ugandan politics

Ugandan President Museveni said that members of parliament, insinuating the government had killed an MP, were idiots and fools Some Ugandans have begun openly referring to their legislators as "idiots", accusing the parliamentarians of failure to interpret the penal code and constitution regarding homosexuality.

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Foreign investment raises local fears in Zimbabwe

Donors, who supply 98% of drugs in the public sector, do not prioritise local companies/Photo©ReutersLocal companies are already struggling in the face of the government's preference for cheaper imported drugs, so the arrival of new foreign-backed companies could fundamentally alter the structure of the industry.

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South Africa's disgraced former Interpol boss hospitalised

Jackie Selebi is reportedly receiving dialysis treatment and is scheduled for organ transplant/Photo/reutersSouth Africa's prison authorities have confirmed that the former police commissioner, Jackie Selebi has been readmitted to hospital and is being treated for a number of ailments.

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'Manliness' could save a continent

Kenneth, a hawker living in South Africa, tells people that if they don't believe that antiretrovirals work they should look for evidence in his handsome, healthy face. Look at it! He wants to be the poster boy for why this treatment shouldn't be stigmatised as weak, but promoted as keeping you manly.

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HIV/AIDS?: Where the need is greatest

?Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs can be as effective in preventing the spread of HIV as they are in its treatment, according to initial results of research done by scientists at the National Institutes of Health in the US.

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Ghana-Kenya: Mobile phone revolution goes medical

Ghanaians and Kenyans have a new lease of life as mPedigree, a non-profit-making organisation, launches a mobile warfare against Africa's merchants of death: the sinister counterfeit drugs industry.

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Country Profile: GUINEA-BISSAU

Flag GuineaBissauThe aftermath of mutiny

The threat posed by drug trafficking and unruly soldiers dominates the political scene, making reform of the security sector a dangerous proposition for any politician.

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West Africa's cocaine coast

The volume of seizures is going down but drugs are now being produced in laboratories in West Africa.

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Guinea Bissau: Back to basics

With the military increasingly tied up in battling the drugs trade, the civilian government is struggling to enact security-sector reform to support the judiciary

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Nigeria vs Argentina - Development Scorecard

There will be no love lost between Nigeria and Argentina on the pitch this afternoon. But the two developing economies are more co-operative when it comes to pushing for fairer global trade.  

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