Ghana: Barclays pledges $93 million for African youth development

File photo©Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/SIPABarclays Africa has expressed commitment to drive Africa's economic growth agenda through a shared growth strategy by pledging to spend $93 million to improve education access and skills development of the youth.

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Ethiopia blocks Social Media networks over exams leak fears

File photo©Sean Kilpatrick/AP/SIPAEthiopia has blocked social media sites until the national school examinations, which started on Monday, end on Wednesday.

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Swahili language now compulsory in Ugandan schools

File photo©SAYYID AZIM/AP/SIPAThe learning and teaching of Swahili has been made compulsory in Uganda's secondary schools, a move that the East African country believes will promote regional integration within the East Africa Community (EAC).

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There are still huge unmet needs in Kenya - James Mworia

James Mworia, chief executive, Centum Investment. Photo©Leon MuliIn Kenya, education, healthcare and agribusiness are just three of the rapidly expanding sectors where opportunity abounds, says Mworia, who runs one of the country's leading investment firms.

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Ghana's GDP grows by 5.9 percent

Photo©ReutersGhana's gross domestic product grew by 5.9 percent last year driven by huge investments in health, education and provision of water, the International Monetary Fund has said.

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Ghana seeks to improve literacy

File Photo©SIMON HARRISON/AP/SIPAGhana's education ministry has distributed more than four million books in Ghanaian and English languages to improve reading performance of over 2.8 million early grade readers in public schools.

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Mandela Fellows: Pathway to Africa's economic growth is inclusion

Aurelie Adam Soule, Mandela Washington fellow from Benin. Photo©FacebookMandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders' initiative has concluded a three-day regional conference in Ghana, with a call on African leaders to pursue inclusive financial, social and digital policies to quicken the continent's development pace.

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Protests as South Africa's first black university celebrates 100 years

Fort Hare University's Nelson Mandela Faculty of Law building. Photo©Vysotsky/Wiki CommonsThe first South African university to accept black students, Fort Hare, celebrates its centenary this year, with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, a former student, being part of celebrations on Friday, where he gave a speech.

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Education: Leaking with foreknowledge, and awards

Ghana's President Mahama named AARE ATOLASE of the Offa Kingdom, Kwara State, NigeriaThe West African Examinations Council (WAEC), insists on titillation, essentially licking its exposed and hairy navel in public. The 2016 exam and in some instances, the answers for three of the four core exams: Oral English; Integrated Science; and Social Studies, were broadcast via a social media chat group.

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Land grabbers haunt Kenya's schools

Photo©National Land CommissionProperty rights loopholes are leading to a land grabbing pandemic, with Kenya's educational sector bearing the brunt of the crisis, writes Dr. Fibian Lukalo.

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Ghana: Disabled children fail to access free senior high school buildings

File photo©ReutersAn audit report by Ghana's Federation of Disability Organizations (GFD) has revealed government community free senior high schools are not accessible to disabled pupils.

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Ghana's fiendish equation that does not add up

Before Ghana saw fit to dismantle its education system, children swotted for three critical exams – Common Entrance, 'O' Levels and 'A' Levels. Facing down long mathematical equations and with precious little time, Ghanaian children knew to apply BODMAS. Solving in this order – Bracket, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and then Subtraction – should get you the right answer.

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Uganda: Student dropout rates increase as gambling surges

Students in both second cycle and tertiary institutions have taken to gambling as sports betting centres in Uganda's capital, Kampala trigger high school dropout rates.

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Across Africa, a people's 2016 manifesto

From Cape Town to Casablanca, The Africa Report took the continent's temperature, talking to everyone from shoe sellers to politicians and financiers to identify their policy priorities and what issues they want to see making headlines in 2016.

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New Ethiopian Airlines academy launch at the forefront of African aviation development

Photo©Ethiopian Airlines AcademyEthiopian Airlines has inaugurated it's the refurbished aviation academy, rebuilt at a cost of $100 million. The rebuilt academy, the airline said on Sunday, will increase its annual intake capacity to 4,000 students.

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The South African heartland is burning

Eff supporters took to the Johannesburg streets in october. Ihsaan Haffejee/Anadolu agency/AFPStudent and worker protests in Gauteng suggest the ruling ANC may be losing its grip on the country's richest province ahead of next year's local elections.

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Technology: Qelasy tablets target the Francophone education market

Photos© All rights reservedBy the end of 2016, businessman Thierry N'Doufou hopes that around 20,000 children across Africa will have one of his Qelasy tablets in their backpacks.

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Technology: Joining the digital race

Photos© JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/CorbisCompanies and policymakers are looking at ways to transform teaching with new technology, which requires the development of infrastructure, creation of content and the training of a new generation of teachers

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Angola Country Profile 2015: The oil-barrel blues

altThe government, run by the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA), is focused on dealing with lower levels of oil production and a dropping oil price.

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Education: Come fly with me, in and out of Egypt

Photos© SarfaniLocal organisations In Cairo have taken it into their own hands to promote diversity and stimulate young minds

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