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Ghana's parliament blocks constitutional bill seeking new election date

File photo©Seth Perlman/AP/SIPAGhana's parliament has thrown out a constitutional amendment bill seeking to change the country's date for general elections from 7 December to every first Monday of November, citing limited time.

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Ghana's democratic virginity bites the dust

Another election in a fledging African democracy, another angry opposition party contesting the verdict of the electoral commission.

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Ghana elections: The big questions as last minute results come in

As Ghana awaits the official results of Friday's presidential election, The Africa Report's editor-in-chief Patrick Smith reports from the capital Accra. 


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Ghana: Furore over creation of new constituencies ahead of elections

A decision by the Ghanaian Electoral Commission (EC) to create 45 new constituencies ahead of elections this year has sparked a furore, with opposition parties and civil society organisations claiming this was meant to give the ruling party an unfair advantage.

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EU gives Ghana 7 million euros for 2012 polls

The European Union has set aside seven million euros to support Ghana's 2012 elections and help in capacity building and education.

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West Africa's choice: Resources and how to use them

The impact of the oil boom will be a key campaign topic across Ghana/Photo/Coutersy - TullowGhana, Sierra Leone and Liberia go through elections in which the central debate is about how to manage revenue from natural-resource booms

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Credible polls key to African democracy: Ghanaian academic

Free and fair elections can help African countries to be models of democracy despite perceptions that the continent has no future, a Ghanaian political analyst Kwesi Jonah has said.

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