Culture: Soaraway success on a shoestring

Photo©©GLENNA GORDON/THE NEW YORK TIMES-REDUX-REAIt's the kind of success story you only see in films: a nascent industry founded in the 1980s has blossomed into a sophisticated multi-million-dollar empire employing more than a million people and contributing around 5% to Nigeria's economy. Now larger than Hollywood, Nollywood is second only to India's gigantic Bollywood film industry, in terms of the volume of films made per annum.

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Television: Netflix doesn't hold all the aces

Photo©NetflixThe video-streaming behemoth launched its services in every African country in January. Are local providers running scared? Not in the least.

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Ghana: 9 unlicensed TV channels shutdown

File photo©ReutersGhana's communications regulator – the National Communication Authority (NCA) – has closed down nine cable television channels broadcasting without requisite licences for years and churning out content deemed inappropriate for viewers.

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Trend hunter: Queens of Kenya's tiny screen

In Kenya a growing number of young women have channelled flaunting it into a business, harnessing Instagram and social media and brokering sponsorship deals for their selfies and short clips giving style, fashion and beauty inspiration.

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Africa's entertainment and media industry on the rise

Top African entertainer, Angelique Kidjo clinched the best world music album at the 57th Grammy Awards in the U.S. Photo©ReutersWith a commodity crunch in Africa's major economies slowing down economic growth, there's some good news on the entertainment economy front.

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Afrofuturism: Seeing parallel worlds

Photos©Carl de Souza/AFP; Alvise Busetto/Lapresse/Maxppp; All Rights Reserved; Pichi Chuang/Reuters; Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features/SipaThe power of the African imagination to remould past and present into fantastic futures and alternative realities has inspired a new wave of artists, musicians and writers.

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Nollywood: A house divided and standing

Image©Espanol/OnlygraficFor more than 20 years Nigerian film has been limited to the 'Nollywood' brand, but now a growing number of filmmakers are shaking off the tag.

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Tourism: Paths less trodden in Egypt

3alganoob music festival. Photo©Mayada WadnomiryMusic festivals are a new attraction, drawing in an alternate group of tourists both local and foreign.

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Trend Hunter: Market's feed Jo'burg's foodies

Photo©1FOXFor years, specialist food markets have kept hipsters busy on Sunday mornings in Europe and the US, and the ritual is taking off in Johannesburg.

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Radio: Laughter in an Ivorian jam

Chuken Pat and his colleagues crack up at their own hilarious imitations of Ivorian politicians. Photo©Martin WaalboerGridlocked Abidjan commuters are letting off steam thanks to a drivetime show that pokes fun at politicians.

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Trendhunter: Burger bars for Jo'burgers

Courtesy photographBurger joints are going from strength to strength in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Cinema: Ghana-Nigeria collaboration sparks silver-screen revolution

in the past there have been few cinemas showing local films, but box offices are popping up ©Stephen Elleringmann/AIF-ReaWith demand for local-language movies, partnerships with Nigerian directors and actors and a new international film festival, Ghana's movie-making industry is growing fast.

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Rap Music: We have news for you

the Senegalese duo in the studio: the green screen is replaced by news images and rapped interviews. Photo©RICCI SHRYOCKRap We have news for you Keyti and Xuman's bilingual weekly news rap in Wolof and French delivers a serious message, hip-hop style.

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Africa's small screen rivals

Photo©fotolia; ebonylife.tvThe arrival of satellite channel TV Telemundo is bad news for the fledgling sector of African-made TV series. Will demand for African content allow our local heroes to stand up to their Latin American cousins?


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Nightlife in Egypt - Cairo's still kicking despite the curfew

Traditional music at a curfew gathering. Photo©Thomas Hartwell/AP/SIPAEgyptian artists and musicians will not be silenced by lights out – they have simply moved indoors.

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Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos

The success of Saro suggests a brighter future for Nigerian theatre after it received resounding reviewsNigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

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Has Nigerian Afrobeats overtaken Congolese rumba?

For years Congolese rumba was a continental favourite, but now West African tunes are getting young people dancing from Nairobi to Abidjan.

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Kenya: Edutainment, democracy and a radio station

Koch FM, a community radio station in Korogocho, Kenya, demonstrates how the power of the media can enhance society's good. By providing education through entertainment, the station is able to mobilize the local population against violence and for good governance.

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Uganda: Where to go out in Kampala?

altKampala has long had a reputation for partying hard seven days a week. What it previously lacked in variety it now makes up for – from crocodile curries to live jazz and poker

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Publishing Africa Writers Series celebrates 50 years

This year bring the renaissance of the African Writers Series (AWS), now run by Pearson's publishing arm Longman after the original publisher, Heinemann Educational Books, stopped issuing new works because of financial problems.

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