Uganda: 'Climate change to trigger next World War'

Photo©Andre Penner/AP/SIPAUganda's Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries minister has warned that the next World War is likely to be triggered by climate change, as humans had little regard for the environment and this was likely to haunt them in future due to scarcity.

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Post Paris climate talks gather momentum at Women's Forum

France's climate ambassador Laurence Tubiana. Photo©Thibault Camus/AP/SIPA"A little miracle happened in Paris" when countries attending the COP 21, concluded an agreement aimed at limiting climate change to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol, says French ambassador for international climate negotiations Laurence Tubiana.

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Environment: South Africa plans levy on mines to tackle acid mine water pollution

File photo©ReutersSouth Africa's water ministry plans to charge mining firms two-thirds of the cost for treating polluted water emanating from their century-long operations in Johannesburg's mining belt.

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South Africa faces tough economic environment

South Africa faces a challenging economic environment, with growth in 2016 seen at 0.6 percent, entailing falling per-capita income, the International Monetary Fund said on Friday.

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Lion population discovered at Ethiopian park

A pride of 200 lions has been spotted at an Ethiopian nature reserve where it was previously believed that the wild cats had become extinct due to widespread poaching.

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Climate Change: Coastal erosion threatens Senegal, West African tourism

Debris seen in front of Hotel Espadon, which closed after waves made it too difficult to maintain in Saly, Senagal. Photo©ReutersThe European winter is the high season for tourism in Senegal as visitors flock to its sea and sun to escape the cold, yet since last year the doors of the luxury Hotel Espadon have been closed.

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Should Africa do the economic heavy lifting on climate change?

The Paris talks about a new global climate deal will start up in late November. The 2009 Copenhagen summit yielded little to help Africa adapt to changing weather patterns, so governments may have to look for new strategies.

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Ghana bans foreign small scale miners, imposes strict measures on locals

Photo©ReutersGhana has banned foreigners from engaging in small scale mining activities in the country and imposed stringent measures on local miners, in a new law described by a leading environmental group as falling short of expectations.

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Climate Change: South Africa says carbon taxes will not hurt economy

South Africa's proposed taxes on gas emissions will not impact already high electricity prices, nor will it add pressure to sectors such as the mining industry, the Treasury said on Monday.

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Land Degradation Neutrality and a new Fund to advance the concept

Ethiopia's Afar pastoralists face deepening poverty because they have lost access to their richest traditional rangelands. File photo©ReutersA new catch phrase, "Land Degradation Neutrality", is being brought into play with increasing prominence, with the intention of using the concept to ensure continued ecosystem functionality, broadly speaking. Yet what it delivers potentially locks communities out of their own lands and ultimately provides a licence for unfettered degradation.

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Zimbabwe braces for another drought

A Zimbabwean minister has warned that most parts of the country will receive below normal rainfall during the 205/16 season that starts this month.

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Why the fuel subsidies pump should be switched off

Max Bankole Jarrett, Deputy Director of the Africa Progress Panel. Photo©All Rights Reserved Despite the climate challenge, we see that billions of dollars are still spent subsidising fuel consumption within Africa and providing exploration subsidies to international fossil fuel companies.

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Green diplomacy wanted

Photo©Alexander Joe/AFPThis has been a busy start to the summer for diplomats. There was a breakthrough on the Iran deal, a new bailout for Greece and the US-EU trade deal was reignited. But they will not be heading for the beach just yet.

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Fantasy under Mozambique's sea

Photo©DIRSCHERL REINHARD/HEMIS.FRFor an underwater experience of some of the world's most rare and majestic sea creatures, take a dip in mozambique's natural aquarium.

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Kenya: Solar panels in exchange for tree planting

Photo©ReutersIn an effort to reverse tree losses in the Nyeri Forest, an environmental initiative has turned to an unusual barter system, offering chickens, goats or solar panels in exchange for tree planting.

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Malawi: 2015 Maize harvest to be heavily affected by weather

Photo©ReutersMalawi will see a "substantial decrease" in the maize harvest of its staple maize crop in 2015 due to a combination of floods and drought, Agriculture Minister Allan Chiyembekeza said on Wednesday.

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Does logging help poor and developing countries?

Norway has recently signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Liberia to stop logging in order to protect the environment, but what will be the impact of such deals on the communities who rely on the industry for their livelihood?

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Kenya launches Africa's first water fund to combat shortages: TRFN

Kenya launched Africa's first water fund on Friday, a public-private partnership aimed at raising $15 million to provide clean water to 9.3 million people by protecting the basin of the country's longest river.

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Energy: Green bonds, bubbles and torrents

Photo©ReutersSo what's stopping an economic shift to new energy forms? Quite simply, vested interests, writes Sarah Bracking.

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2015: A year of action on climate change

Photo©Mikkel OSTERGAARD/PANOS-REAFor climate activists, all roads lead to Paris in December 2015, where the UN Climate.

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