Kenya seeks completion of $2.1 bn oil pipeline by 2021

File photo©Peter Komka/AP/SIPAKenya is set to start a search for companies to design a crude oil export pipeline costing some $2.1 billion and which should be completed by 2021, Energy and Petroleum Minister Charles Keter said on Friday.

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Ghana Country Profile 2015: Setbacks on the road to prosperity

altGhana will have an uphill struggle in 2015 as the government tries to stabilise the economy after the rough and tumble of a bad year.

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Benin Country Profile 2015: Bashing Boni Yayi

altPresident Thomas Boni Yayi is entering the terminal stages of his second term in office, facing widespread strikes, endemic corruption and trouble organising elections.

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John Magufuli: Modest man seeks tough action

Photos© Khalfan Said/AP/SipaThe choice of the serious-minded works minister John Magufuli as the governing party's presidential candidate looks like a cunning but improbable plan to outflank the opposition coalition.

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Money, greens and politics

Photo©ReutersOver the next three months, Africa's economic battles – over currencies, commodities, debt and climate-change finance – will shake up politics.

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Growth: Jobs, jobs and more jobs

Photos© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAWithin 35 years Africa will have the world's biggest workforce – finding jobs for them is the top priority for governments throughout the continent as economic conditions get tougher

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Commodities: That sinking feeling

Photos© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for TARPlunging commodity prices are piling pressure on many African governments that are now scrambling to adjust budgets and find new sources of revenue.

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Textiles: Tailored for growth

Photos© Ed Harris/ReutersAfter years of job cuts and factory closures, Mauritian garment and textiles industry leaders are dreaming big and seeking to make the country into a marketing centre and fashion hub

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Missing Mauritius's sweet spot

Photos© Holger Leue/CorbisDespite government hopes of Mauritius becoming a high-income country by the end of the decade, analysts fear the downturn in the key sugar and tourism industries, sparked by the European economic crisis, mean it will miss its 2020 target. Meanwhile, the financial sector remains under pressure due to concerns over the future of a crucial tax treaty

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Kenya's Young and Jobless

Photos© Ton Koene/Zuma/ReaWhile macroeconomic statistics show that the economy continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is not translating into masses of new jobs for Kenyans. The country's middle class still only makes up a small percentage of the population, challenging investors' optimism over the 'Africa rising' narrative

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Zimbabwe government seeks to export labour in unemployment curb effort

An estimated 40 000 students graduated from universities and other tertiary institutions last year but are forced to resort to vending to make ends meet. File photo©ReutersFaced with an unemployment rate of more than 80%, the Zimbabwean government has found a peculiar and unconventional way of solving its problem – exporting the unemployed.

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Agriculture: Poor Ghana output weighing on global cocoa forecasts

Cocoa pods. Photo©ReutersHarsh weather in Ghana has pushed many in the cocoa market to predict a global deficit, a senior Olam executive said.

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Ethiopia sees horticulture boom

Photo©ReutersEthiopia's horticulture sector, according to the country's recently released total export revenue, remains a top earning product for the East African country.

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Mining: Zimbabwe tax will cost Amplats $10 million a year: CEO

Zimbabwe's new 15 percent export tax on raw platinum, which was introduced earlier than expected in January, will cost Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) about $10 million a year, Chief Executive Chris Griffith said.

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Egypt to start exporting petrochemicals to Europe

Photos@ReutersAlexandriaA new state-owned ethylene factory due to start production in Alexandria next year could save Egypt about $500m on annual imports and allow it to begin exporting petrochemicals to Western Europe and Africa, its chairman said.

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Uganda aims to borrow $145 mln for oil region infrastructure

Uganda on Thursday said it wanted to borrow $145 million from the World Bank to revamp infrastructure in the Albertine region where it discovered commercial oil reserves.

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Gold or Cocoa? West Africa's cocoa future threatened

Photo©ReutersFive years ago, as world spot gold prices began an unprecedented rally to around $1,900 an ounce in late 2011, poor cocoa farmers woke up to the possibility that salvation lay beneath their feet.

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Rwanda follows Mauritius lead as it eyes tax breaks in revised investment code

File photo©ReutersRwanda may offer reduced tax rates soon for investors in energy, transport and logistics, as well as to fund managers and export-oriented projects, under a new investment code, a Rwanda Development Board (RDB) official said.

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Case Study: Turning excrement into big bucks

Guanomad used trade shows to spread its messageThe Malagasy company has won over the local market with its organic fertilisers and expanded its reach to Europe, other African countries and North America.

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Côte d'Ivoire: Abidjan port aims for regional supremacy

Abidjan port’s upgrade will give it the largest capacity in West Africa. Photo©Nabil ZorkotCôte d'Ivoire has launched massive upgrades to its ports to support the growth of the natural resource sector and to attract more of the regional transit trade.

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