Film & Cinema: Tunisians defy censorship and win awards

A scene from much loved. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe November 2015 Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia showed there is a demand for more challenging and thought-provoking films, despite strong voices of disapproval in the region.

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Animation: Drawn in Africa

African animators' time has come. After being overlooked for decades, with traditional film a preference for investment, its commercial potential is starting to be tapped by advertising agencies, and artists are finding more opportunities to make a sustainable income from their creations.

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Trend hunter: Cinema on the go

Photos© All rights reservedIt's 6pm in Biyem-Assi – a neighbourhood of Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé – and the sun is slowly setting, leaving behind a greying blue sky. As twilight nears, a crowd gathers on a sports ground.

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Africa's entertainment and media industry on the rise

Top African entertainer, Angelique Kidjo clinched the best world music album at the 57th Grammy Awards in the U.S. Photo©ReutersWith a commodity crunch in Africa's major economies slowing down economic growth, there's some good news on the entertainment economy front.

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Universal but specific - Andrew Dosunmu - Filmmaker

Andrew Dosunmu - Filmmaker. Photo©Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times-Redux-ReaThe director talks to The Africa Report about the importance of images and silence in telling his stories.

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Film Review: Reeling in the prizes at home and abroad

Philippe Lacôte Film director. Photo©Vincent Fournier for TARThe wave of new African cinema has focused interest on the continent's film festivals.

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Cinema Black and white

Black director Zee Ntuli’s first film Hard to Get opened this year’s Durban film festival. Photo©NFVFA new fund and an incentive scheme will help redress the racial imbalance in South African film financing.

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Cinema: Mozambique's film revival

Vintage projectors in Maputo’s INAC film institute. Photo©Alex MacbethThe industry famed for its cinema "of the people by the people" in the 1970s and 1980s is finding its feet again.

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Let's empower young African artists - Angelique Kidjo

Photo©Charles Sykes/AP/SIPAAfrica must do more to protect and value its artists, says the star, who tells the story of her life in a new autobiography.

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Cinema: Ghana-Nigeria collaboration sparks silver-screen revolution

in the past there have been few cinemas showing local films, but box offices are popping up ©Stephen Elleringmann/AIF-ReaWith demand for local-language movies, partnerships with Nigerian directors and actors and a new international film festival, Ghana's movie-making industry is growing fast.

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Africa's small screen rivals

Photo©fotolia; ebonylife.tvThe arrival of satellite channel TV Telemundo is bad news for the fledgling sector of African-made TV series. Will demand for African content allow our local heroes to stand up to their Latin American cousins?


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Kenyan writers, forget barbie dolls and Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will not help our children build a new continent. Photo©SAYYID AZIM/AP/SIPAKenyan writers in the world Authors must follow the lead of music, film and comedy to find new ways of distribution and putting Africans at the centre of their imaginative world.

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Trendhunter: App brings nollywood films to mobile screens

Bringing the latest nollywood trailers, short films, feature films and music videos to smartphones and tablets, Nigerian app afrinolly is much more than an African version of the internet movie Database.

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Film: Comedy is not an African reality - Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (R), director of Grisgris, whose Cannes festival selection shone a spotlight on Chad. The film’s handicapped protagonist must choose between his dreams of being a dancer and smuggling petrol to save his uncle’s life. Frank Verdier/Pili Films African film-makers must speak up for the young and dispossessed, says the Chadian director, whose films, delving deeply into the human heart and its suffering, have made him an ambassador for the seventh art.

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Film: Radical times for North Africa

Djamila Sahraoui incarnates Algeria in Yema/Photo©ARAMISAlgerian and Moroccan films at FESPACO herald a tough new wave of cinema.

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Animation: Africa's pixar takes off

Image©Sporedust-All Rights ReservedA small animation start-up wants to bring back traditional African storytelling. Sporedust's short cartoon Chicken Core will serve as the basis for a TV series or film that is part of the rapid expansion of the creative industries on the continent.

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Nigeria's film industry: Millions of jobs, home and abroad

Nolloywood got a boost when movies made on DVDs started to generate huge demand as film technology evolved/Photo©ReutersNigeria's $500 million-plus film industry is a massive employer, second only to agriculture. Nollywood has the capacity to create 2 million jobs and analysts predict a brighter future for the industry if it can surmount challenges that lie ahead.

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FESPACO fatigue hits African cinema

Photo©Georges Gobet/AFPThe fire seems to have gone out of Burkina Faso's biennial film festival as directors desert it for Europe and South Africa.

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Film: A feast for the eyes and mind

A scene from Half of the yellow sun/Photo©All Rights ReservedThe rise of iROKOtv, which brought Nollywood to an online audience, will surely continue throughout 2013.

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Misleading script ignites religious fury in Arab world

On Tuesday night, US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were killed after Islamist gunmen attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi/Photo©Reuters The international community has taken steps to prevent a backlash of violence by angered Muslims who have taken offense to the depiction of the Islamic prophet in the controversial film: "Innocence of Muslims."

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