Investors find Mozambique "tuna bond" debt swap offer fair

Photo©ReutersHolders of bonds issued by Mozambique's state-run tuna-fishing company Ematum said on Thursday a proposed debt swap offer by the government looked "fair", raising the likelihood of a friendly exchange.

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Finance: Credit Suisse's fishy deal

Recent loans have hurt the government but have benefited players inside and outside of Mozambique, says Jose Ivo Correia, Researcher at Centro de Estudos Moçambicanos e Internacionais.

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Morocco: Yes, we can

Photos© Okla Michal/AP/SIPAThe Haliopolis cluster is key to the government's plan to raise seafood processing capacity by 70% on 2007 levels – now it is just waiting for the companies to move in

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Mauritius eyes maritime projects, Africa links to boost growth

Seetanah Lutchmeenaraidoo © All Rights ReservedMauritius has a deal with a Chinese firm to develop a $113 million fishing port and is working with investors on plans to become a maritime hub for Africa, part of its bid to accelerate growth, the island nation's finance minister said on Thursday.

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Mozambique: On the hook

A dodgy tuna fish deal has created unsustainable debts for Maputo

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Battling the bottom feeders

European, South Korean and Russian fishing vessels have been pillaging West African fish stocks for decades.

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Ghana's fishing failure

Photos© Luc Gnago/ReutersThe government has been unable to stop foreign trawlers from pillaging or local fishermen from using unsustainable methods to increase their catch, despite EU pressure

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African Ocean and Coasts - our heritage, our life, our destiny

Obiageli 'Oby' Ezekwesili is a former Vice President of the World Bank for Africa, a former Nigerian Education Minister and co-founder of Transparency International. Photo©ReutersAfrica has a combined coastline of over 47,000 km, and with that a vast ocean resource and potential new economic frontier. However it is under threat and in decline, writes Obiageli 'Oby' Ezekwesili.

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Illegal fishing costs Ghana millions of dollars annually

File photo©ReutersOveruse of unlawful fishing methods and poaching have caused Ghana's fish stock to decline rapidly resulting in the West African country losing $100 million each year.

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World Bank offers Angola $1 billion to fund infrastructure, agriculture

The World Bank will offer $1 billion in financing to help Angola rebuild infrastructure and develop its agriculture, an official at the Washington-based lender said on Monday.

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We have banned slavery on land – how about the ocean?

Obiageli Ezekwesili/Photo©ReutersIn most parts of the world, workers enjoyed better working conditions at the end of the 20th Century than they did at the beginning.

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One out of three Ghanaian children in child labour

File photo©ReutersThirty four per cent of Ghanaian children between five and 14 are said to be engaged in child labour, a latest report by the UNICEF has indicated.

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Uganda: Crocodile attacks on the rise

The number of Ugandans being attacked by crocodiles on lake shores has been on the increase, as people move closer to rivers in search of livelihoods.

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Boxing, Home of champions in inner-city Accra

altJamestown's boxing clubs have a long history of producing champs, but poor facilities are holding them back.

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Country Profile 2012: Comoros

Government wants to re-open debate on the country's constitution, while the economy is dependent on agricultural outputs as well as new foreign direct investments. 

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Travel Gone fishing in Angola

As Angola's sport ­fishing reputation spreads to Europe, tour operators hope its newfound fame will help reel in other ­tourists too.

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Maritime piracy and Somalia's global canker

Maritime piracy, much of it directed against international ships sailing off the coasts of Somalia, claim lives and many millions of dollars each year. Wanjohi Kabukuru looks at some of the African and international efforts under way to stem the problem, although ultimately only a lasting political solution on the ground in Somalia itself will be effective.

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Plundered fish stocks: Somalia's double piracy

Rogue shipping fleets are destroying Somalia's fishing industry.

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Country Profile: SEYCHELLES

Flag SeychellesAftershocks of the upheaval
The ruling party may face an electoral backlash in 2011 if its IMF-backed fiscal fitness programme does not yield quick results and the islands' tourism industry continues to lag.

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Agriculture: banks spot the potential

Employing about 60% of the population and representing 30% of Nigeria’s GDP, the agriculture sector is at last getting more attention from financiers.         

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