Nigeria: No fresh dawn, but perhaps signs of movement

The outlook for Nigeria’s oil and gas sector may be cloudy, but there are one or two bright spots on the horizon/Photo/DENIS ALLARD/REAThough the destiny of Nigerian oil and gas is still bound up in the passing of a bill designed to simplify and restructure the sector, a new push for transparency may help dismantle the roadblocks.

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Stratfor: And it gets worse

Even if we were to place epistemological and ethical questions aside, certain Stratfor's analysts are turning out to be rather twisted creatures.

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Nigeria and United States

Despite the high economic and diplomatic stakes, bilateral relations remain messy and fractious  


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Hannibal: The deals that smell too sweet

Plea-bargains do not compensate the victims of corporate crimes 


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The Naira Republic

Lagos Skyline

Nigeria enters its 50th year of independence to the accompaniment of bullish forecasts by international banks, drowning out predictions of an imminent apocalypse      


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Message to Obama from Nigeria

Donu Kogbara, consultant, Nigeria



“Nigerians, both here and abroad, phoned each other to scream “We’ve won!” Euphoric text messages were sent by Obama fans in Kano, Jos, Enugu and Lagos. We have, since that jubilant morning, constantly reminded ourselves that Obama is American, not African – despite his touching willingness to identify with the Kenyan roots he inherited from his largely absent and – let’s face it – negligent father.


The thing about typical Nigerians – regardless of class or tribe – is that they don’t generally expect salvation from external forces, don’t particularly want some foreign leader to interfere in their affairs, don’t share the Arab view that America is the ‘Great Satan’ and are more interested in partnering with Halliburton executives than in getting them jailed or excluded!”


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