Agriculture: Rwanda's harvest of thorns

The government and local partners hope the Rwandan flower industry can bloom again. Photo©Martin Roemers/CosmosA new flower park holds promise for the commercial floriculture business, but logistics remain a major impediment, as a consultant's experiment showed.

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Ethiopia sees horticulture boom

Photo©ReutersEthiopia's horticulture sector, according to the country's recently released total export revenue, remains a top earning product for the East African country.

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New technology and agriculture: A sluggish uptake

The new 2g agriculture is only really affecting commercial farms. Photo/Saabi/Galbe.ComCompanies and governments are trying to get smallholders to improve yields and adopt new technological solutions, but change requires time and effort.

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Planting seeds of profit in Ethiopia

Roses harvested at the ET Highland Flora farm outside Addis Ababa arrive next day in Europe/Photo©ReutersGovernment incentives have given horticulture a growth spurt. But every rose has its thorns: now there's greater scrutiny and more red tape.

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Ghana targets $3.3 billion export revenue in 2013

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has rolled out a geographical mapping of companies to create a data base for a national product traceability system, as the country hopes to rake in about $3.3 billion from its exports this year.

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Bad weather affects Ethiopia's flower export for valentine

Ethiopian flower growers are benefitting from financial incentives as they mount a challenge to Kenya/Photo/ReutersA recent spell of inclement weather in some of the main horticultural areas proved devastating for Ethiopia's Valentine's Day flower exports.

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Zambia maize bounty masks other issues

Last year’s bumper maize crop has cost the government K1.1trn more than expected to keep its buy-back promise

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Country Profile: KENYA

Flag KenyaNew constitution, new politics
The government is focused on implementing the terms of the new constitution before national elections in 2012 that will pit Prime Minister Odinga against President Kibaki’s chosen candidate.

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