VIP service: More than meets the eye

Photo©Vincent Fournier For The Africa ReportThere is a powerful business case to treat all as VIPs. VIP customer service, and satisfaction, is the key strategic differentiator within the banking industry across Africa, writes Matt Bird, founder of Relationology.

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Travel: Tanzania's southern comfort

Photos©Peter Cheek/ Alexander’s hotel; Kisolanza; KimangoExperience local hospitality in some of Tanzania's charming boutique hotels in the capital and the country's highlands 

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Uganda grades hotels

Serena Hotels, Kampala, is among the 5 star hotels. Photo©serenahotels.comUgandan hotels have been classified for the first time in history as the East African country moves to enforce standards in its tourism industry.

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Marriott says to open 30 new hotels in S.Africa by 2020

Marriott International will open 30 new hotels in South Africa by 2020 as it seeks to expand across the continent following its 2 billion rand ($190 million) buyout of Protea Hospitality, a senior official said on Monday.

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A boutique hotel experience in Ghana

Charles Meares, General Manager of Villa Monticello in Ghana/Photo©Alessandro CostaThe boutique hotel concept has flourished in southern and north Africa, but in West Africa, the concept has just started catching on. And local investors are digging in.

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Kenya: Nairobi's luxury hotels jumping into the hot list

With two of its hotel spas receiving the Condé Nast accolade this year, the Kenyan metropolis has become a top spot for pampering

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AU wants an African to head IMF after DSK

The African Union (AU) Commission says that a non-European should be at the helm of affairs at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to them, tacit agreements governing the international lender only makes it possible for Europeans to hold the position of Managing Director at the IMF.

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Sierra Leone at 50: Looking at the balance sheet

Pulling itself out of its troubled past, Sierra Leone is now battling to make the most of its rich natural resources

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Top 5 hotel bars in Johannesburg

Forget crowded bars on dark streets or loud clubs in shopping centres, hotel bars are the newest hot spots in Jozi. If you want in, these are your best choices The whisky bar?

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Tourism: Repackaged holidays

altHoteliers are scrambling to increase capacity due to a ?welcome rebound in visitors, ?as Kenya’s tourism board ?broadens its appeal   

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White sands on Ghana's Gold Coast

altAccra is a new stop on many international airlines' routes as Ghana's beaches, conference centres and cultural tourism attract holidaymakers and businessmen from Europe and the US.    

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Country Profile: MAURITIUS

Flag MauritiusTurning towards state intervention
The government is promising to introduce constitutional reforms as well as a review of the electoral system, which highlights ethnic differences, and of state control of the media.

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Off the field

Our guide to the restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs to visit in South Africa when you're not cheering on your team.  


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Searching for the ideal CV

General Electric
Jeff Wooten, HR manager, Middle East & Africa   

"Our graduates definitely need to have functional acumen,” says GE’s Wooten. The requirements are no different in Africa than anywhere else. “If they’re an engineer, they need to have a good grade point average that shows theyunderstand the technical competencies. They’ve got to show that they can juggle their schoolwork plus another activity and take a leadership role. We look for people who understand integrity, understand being able to work in teams, and understand being able to take initiative.



CISCO Systems
John Livingstone, director of GTAP Programme


This ITC Giant has launched an advanced engineering programme at its technology centre in Johannesburg, which will expand in 2009 to take students from Angola, Nigeria and Kenya to South Africa, and then on to train in the US. “I think the main thing that the private sector can do is take a long-term view, and view this as an investment,” says CISCO’s Livingstone. “We can’t be sustainable without this type of deep, local skills development.” 



Fiesta Royale Hotel, Ghana
Sajid Khan, general manager

]"I had a hotel running without a front of fice manager for three years,” says Khan, an experienced hotelier who has been seconded to the Fiesta Royale Hotel by AMSCO. “We hired people, but none that I would like to appoint heads of depar tment.” Khan says Ghana’s tourism institutes are poorly run, the trainers under-qualified and the students that emerge barely employable. “A person must know what they want to become and go through extensive training to get there. It ’s not enough just to want to be part of the hospitality industry.”


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