Morocco's Platinum Power to invest over $800 million in Cameroon hydropower project

Photo©ReutersCameroon is set to add 400 megawatts to its current 1,200 megawatts of electricity as Morocco's Platinum Power's plans to build a hydroelectric project in the central African country.

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Ethiopia beating the economic odds

Photo©ReutersEthiopia is considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world today, a far cry from 30 years ago when the East African country was hit by a severe famine. But how much has changed since the famine.

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Energy: Glencore invests in DRC hydropower

Glencore and its partner in Congo are ploughing $360 million into refurbishing the African nation's main hydroelectric plant as mining companies seek ways to overcome power shortages that are holding back projects.

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Museveni dismisses Egypt's claims over Ethiopia's Nile dam threat

Museveni says the construction of a dam over the Nile River by Ethiopia would not destroy the water source as alleged by EgyptUganda President Yoweri Museveni has warned Egypt against repeating mistakes of past regimes by threatening neighbours over the use of River Nile water.

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Ethiopia says electric coverage reaches 47 percent

Photo/ReutersEthiopia has been able to raise electricity coverage to almost half of the country, as the nation claims to be have one of the highest coverage on the continent.

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Energy can be Ethiopia's biggest export - Miheret Debebe

Miheret Debebe, Chief executive officer, Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation/Photo/MAEREGU KASSA FOR TARIn the process of building a series of huge hydroelectric dams and wind farms, Ethiopia's state-run electricity company is gearing up to begin exporting to its neighbours. Interview with Miheret Debebe, Chief executive officer, Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation.

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Energy: Capacity to spare

Hydroelectric projects need additional financing to meet regional and domestic demands, while the government tries to balance expansion with environmental concerns


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