Trade: Egypt's GASC gets wheat tender offers despite quality row

File photo©ReutersEgyptian state buyer GASC (General Authority for Supply Commodities) received four offers in an international wheat purchase tender on Friday despite uncertainty over tough new quality rules which have disrupted its massive wheat import programme, traders said.

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Trade: South Africa's AGOA partnership under threat in meat war with US

South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies says the country has made significant progress on opening its markets for the US meat imports. Photo©ReutersSouth Africa and the United States have failed to agree on key parts of a trade agreement on the importation of poultry and pork, with the Americans threatening to suspend the country from the African Growth and Opportunity (AGOA) Act unless the Africans act fast to rescue the deal.

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Ghana Country Profile 2015: Setbacks on the road to prosperity

altGhana will have an uphill struggle in 2015 as the government tries to stabilise the economy after the rough and tumble of a bad year.

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Ghana: Inflation steady at 17.4%

Photo©ReutersGhana's annual inflation remained at 17.4 per cent in October, unchanged from the previous month, due to stability of the cedi exchange rate, forcing downwards import prices, a government statistician said on Wednesday.

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Money, greens and politics

Photo©ReutersOver the next three months, Africa's economic battles – over currencies, commodities, debt and climate-change finance – will shake up politics.

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Wale Shonibare: Everything is driven by government policy

Photos© Andrew Esiebo for TARShonibare argues that Abuja has the power to influence bank lending and to direct it towards productive sectors of the economy

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South Africa's struggling steel industry hit with import tariff increase

Photo@ReuterssteelSouth Africa's government will impose a 10 percent import tariff on steel imports to protect the struggling industry, with the possibility of hiking them further, an industry body said yesterday.

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Kenya's Young and Jobless

Photos© Ton Koene/Zuma/ReaWhile macroeconomic statistics show that the economy continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is not translating into masses of new jobs for Kenyans. The country's middle class still only makes up a small percentage of the population, challenging investors' optimism over the 'Africa rising' narrative

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Egypt reaches deal with Norway's Hoegh on LNG import terminal

Photo©ReutersEgypt has signed a deal with Norway's Hoegh to supply a floating terminal needed to import liquefied natural gas, the oil ministry said on Monday, marking a step toward securing badly needed gas for power generation and industry.

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Côte d'Ivoire: Abidjan port aims for regional supremacy

Abidjan port’s upgrade will give it the largest capacity in West Africa. Photo©Nabil ZorkotCôte d'Ivoire has launched massive upgrades to its ports to support the growth of the natural resource sector and to attract more of the regional transit trade.

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