Commodity exports: turning resource curse into economic engine

Frank Augstein/AP/SIPA

A cargo vessel passes by as the sun rises over the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa. Frank Augstein/AP/SIPA.

By: Ruslan Kharlamov

 Last month I attended the 5th edition of the Africa CEO Forum, a two-day event dedicated to the continent's socio-economic development. One of the forum’s key—and, unfortunately, protracted—discussions was how to end Africa’s resource curse and climb up the value chain.

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Trade: Opportunity blooms for Western investors

Photos© HU QINGMING/IMAGINECHINA/AFPWestern investors with an eye to Africa would be wise to take heed of a Chinese proverb – "Pluck flowers as they bloom. Wait, and you will have only twigs" – as Beijing battles to keep its economy on track.

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Interview: 2Face Idibia and Wizkid - A meeting of two titans

The Nigerian music stars got together for a generational mash-up that produced the club sensation 'Dance Go'

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Multinationals take home big winnings in Kenya

Many multinationals recorded double-digit growth in dividends/NOOR KHAMIS / REUTERSBanks lead the trend as international firms turn their cash pile earnings into bumper payouts for shareholders.

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China to construct Ghana's second international airport

China Airports Construction Corporation (CACC) is set to begin construction of Ghana's second international airport after Kotoka International Airport with the capacity for large aircraft, a government official in the West African country has revealed.

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Country Profile 2012: CHAD

altStrongman Idriss Déby Itno was re-elected for a fourth term in the first round of presidential elections on 24 April. He gained 83.6 percent of the vote in polls that were boycotted by the main opposition leaders.

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A cooperative comeback in Agriculture

Gumutindo cooperative sells directly to the UK fairtrade company Cafédirect and has 6,000 members who grow coffee on Mount Elgon, Uganda/Photo/KAREN ROBINSON/PANOS-REAInternational institutions, agribusinesses and farmers themselves are backing a revival of the cooperative model as smallholders seek better yields and greater access to markets.

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Advertising billboards towering over Accra, Ghana

Smiling Ghanaian faces and tens of millions of dollars ploughed into the launch campaign did not help Glo steal the market from MTN and Vodafone/Photo/Charles Acheampong for TARInternational marketing firms are targeting the Ghanaian market to grab a share of the market that oil-fuelled growth is set to expand. Local outfits that sign strategic partnerships with continental agencies are rising to the top of the pile.

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African Angles: We need to be united to help Syria

Senior fellow for Middle Eastern affairs to the International Peace Institute, New York, and former Yemeni Ambassador to the UN/Photo/UN PHOTO/RICK BAJORNASThe international community would be able to speak with one voice if Russia played a more constructive role and negotiated an end to the violence.

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Ethiopia: Regional strength, economic progress

Outmanoeuvring opponents in Eritrea while bringing allies into play in Somalia, Meles is looking for an international role.

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Ethiopia condemned for "censorship" directive

Major private newspapers use state owned printing companies/Photo/ReutersA leading international free press lobby group on Friday condemned a directive by Ethiopia's state owned company that private newspapers must censor their content for them to continue using its printing press.

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A revolution in Arab cinema

The documentary Tahrir – Liberation Square by Stefano Savona expresses the chaos and ecstasy of revolution/Photo/All Rights ReservedFrom Paris to Rotterdam, via Rome, Algiers, Brussels and London, the Arab Spring is taking 
top billing at international film festivals. Cinema 
from the Middle East and

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Spotlight on Makhtar Diop

altThe Senegalese technocrat prepares to take over the World Bank's Africa portfolio from Nigeria's Obiageli Ezekwesili in the next few months.

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Country Profile 2012: South Sudan

altIn its first year of independence, South Sudan is one of the most fragile states in the world. Despite the international welcome to its birth on 9 July 2011, its fortunes continue to be hostage to the government of Sudan in Khartoum. A number of old tensions remain between the former civil-war foes. 

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Botswana's financial hub gains momentum

altA reputation for stability, fiscal incentives and the development of the diamond hub in parallel are already attracting global financial players to implant subsidiaries in Gaborone.

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World Bank: Graduate blues for middle-income countries

altGovernment planners need to adjust their strategies as the changing of a country's status at international financial institutions leads to new loan terms.

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What do the stars earn?

photos/reuters/ montage/ the africa reportEach country has its own icons in sports or business and today their salaries are reaching record levels, sometimes mounting to millions of euros. 

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The road to hell

To borrow a little from Samuel Johnson, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and bad interventions.

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EU and other partners to improve Ghana's water quality

altThe European Union is leading other development partners in improving Ghana's water quality and safety in the next three years following the implementation of a capacity building project in quality monitoring and surveillance.

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Hannibal: Who's next to head the World Bank

altThe World Bank matters, and most of all in Africa. Now US president Barack Obama has a big decision to make over whom to support...

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