New Ethiopian law targets online crime

Photo©ReutersThe Ethiopian legislature has ratified a new law prohibiting hate speech and online spamming.

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Telecoms: Surf's finally up in Niger!

Photos© TAGAZA Djibo for JAThe end of the digital desert is in sight. With some 2,200km of fibre optics, Niger's mobile and internet services are expected to improve vastly by the end of 2016

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Your guide to the new low-cost smartphone models

Photos© All rights reserved Shopping for a new smartphone? From internal memory size, camera quality to retail price, the options are endless. Here we look at a few popular low-cost handsets that have arrived on the market this year

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Technology: Joining the digital race

Photos© JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/CorbisCompanies and policymakers are looking at ways to transform teaching with new technology, which requires the development of infrastructure, creation of content and the training of a new generation of teachers

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Is an African Silicon Valley a pipe dream today?

Kenya is building a multi-billion-dollar techno city to provide jobs for 200,000 people. Can the world's youngest continent overtake the Californian cluster that began when our democracies were still in diapers?
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Technology: South Africa broadband blitz unlocks video-on-demand

Photo©ReutersA rapid roll-out of fibre optic broadband in upmarket South African neighbourhoods has caught the attention of Internet video streaming companies who are racing to capture a slice of a lucrative, untapped market.

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Investment: Smile Telecoms raises $365 million to fund Africa expansion

File photo©ReutersMauritius-based African mobile internet firm Smile Telecoms has raised $365 million to fund the expansion of high-speed broadband networks, it said on Tuesday.

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Telecoms: Cameroon to renew MTN mobile licence and approve 3G

Photo©ReutersCameroon will renew the operating licence of South African mobile communication group MTN and give the group a third generation (3G) licence for $125 million, industry sources said on Tuesday.

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Ghana: Government regains control of hacked websites

The Ghanaian government's official website, which was hacked on Wednesday and was stumping information posted on several ministries, agencies and departments websites, has been restored, the country's communication ministry announced.

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Technology: An Internet connection that blocks power cuts

Courtesy photo©http://www.brck.com/BRCK, a portable Wi-Fi router and a backup power generator for the internet, is expected to alleviate problems that African Internet users face daily such as high communication costs and unreliable electricity.

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Technology: Africa fast off blocks in adopting Internet of Things

Photo©ReutersThe bulk of mobile machine-to-machine (M2M) connections are now in developing countries, including in Africa, according to a mobile operators' trade body, helping leapfrog technological development on the world's poorest continent.

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Rwanda's attention grabbing digitisation

Photo©ReutersRwanda began developing its information and communication technology (ICT) in 2000 after adopting the National Information Communications Infrastructure (NICI) policy and created a long-term plan to achieve full digitisation in four five-year stages. 14 years on, Rwanda's success story is grabbing global attention.

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Digital media - African bloggers compete for kudos

mike sharman and murray Legg, linking bloggers and brands. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe first African Blogger Awards pick out the continent's influential players in the online publishing game.

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Fibre-optics and Africa's increasing internet access

Photo©ReutersWhile Africa's growth in mobile and internet access has been rising faster over the last decade than any other region of the world, the continent is still playing catch-up. The continuing investment in infrastructure, dropping costs, rising incomes and demographics, however, will lead to a far greater growth over the next decade.

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The market for apps in DRC can only get bigger

Carlo Lekea Founder of the tech firm Idea IT & Conception©Martine Van Der Belen/IdeaCarlo Lekea is the developer of the first Congolese phone app, and he plans to launch many more despite the practical and obstructionist hurdles.

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Can government regulation and internet spying be justified?

With fresh allegations and revelations over the extent of governments' surveillance of their citizens around the world, we ask whether there are instances when the concerns over privacy can be overruled.

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The human face of regional integration in Africa

Workers arrange fresh roses at the Vermont Flowers export processing zone (EPZ) factory in Kenya's capital Nairobi March 10, 2011. Photo©ReutersAfrica's regional integration is a popular topic. Dozens of reports have been written about it. Policy-makers debate its costs and benefits in international summits. Academics ask why it isn't progressing more rapidly.

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Telecoms: Ghana to increase levy on international calls

Ghanaian legislators and telecommunication industry players are sharply divided over the move to increase levies on telephone calls/Photo©ReutersGhana is seeking to amend its Communications Service Tax law passed in 2008 to increase levies on international calls and data transmission using internet.

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Kenya: Technology goes on errand in Nairobi

Photo©DASH2DO-SERVICESDash2do helps busy people with daily tasks through its online platform.

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Ghana gets Google voice-guided maps app

Photo©ReutersGiant internet search engine, Google has launched a maps app for Ghana, as the West African country continues to assert itself as a new communications leader in Africa.

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