The enduring power of the hunger strike

Stefan Simanowitz argues that the digital age offers a new global platform for practitioners of this ancient form of protest to change the world.


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It is OK to be racist in Israel

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against sub-Saharan African migrants in recent months.

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African Angles: We need to be united to help Syria

Senior fellow for Middle Eastern affairs to the International Peace Institute, New York, and former Yemeni Ambassador to the UN/Photo/UN PHOTO/RICK BAJORNASThe international community would be able to speak with one voice if Russia played a more constructive role and negotiated an end to the violence.

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When Africans are concentrated in Israeli camps

The Ketziot refugee camp is the latest in a long line of draconian immigration measures adopted by the Israeli State/Photo/ReutersIts silhouette is like a mirage that emerges from the hot sand dunes, not far from the Egyptian border.

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Israel's new ambassador to Ethiopia, an anti-racism alibi?

Belaynesh Zevadia, Israel's new ambassador to Addis Ababa is of Ethiopian descentBy appointing an ambassador of Ethiopian descent to Addis-Ababa, Israel has sent a strong message to its black community.

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Israel Joins Nigeria to fight Boko Haram

Map of NigeriaIsrael has offered to give Nigeria technical assistance in combating terrorist activities by the Islamist group Boko Haram.

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Anansi: The parliamentary road to Islamism

Egypt, where the Muslim Brothers' Freedom and Justice Party won over 37 per cent of the vote, has formally abandoned the position of its earlier ideologues/Photo/ReutersThe credible elections in North Africa showing the growing support for Islamist parties raise a critical question: How committed are these parties to pluralist politics? Put bluntly, what would happen if an Islamist party in power lost an election?

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Surprises in UNESCO's begging bowl

The international organisation is facing a crisis after it saw its budget for the year 2012-2013 reduced by $178.5m.

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Nigeria: US, Israel pledge support after Christmas attacks

The attacks have been condemned by world leaders/photo/ReutersThe United States will assist Nigeria bring members of extreme Islamist group, Boko Haram to justice, while Israel has promised medical aid to the West African nation to assist with victims of Christmas Day terror attacks.

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Israel: Africans should leave!

A temporary welcome centre for asylum seekers in Tel-Aviv, Israel/Photo/Backyard-REATel-Aviv is adopting a series of measures to put an end to the infiltration of Africans fleeing war and poverty.

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Debt helps the world go round

Homestrings plans to create new plat- forms to allow Africans living abroad to create a fund portfolio or invest directly in public-private partnerships/Photo/ReutersAfrican treasuries may be proud they are not facing such high mountains of it as their counterparts in Washington DC and Athens, but with blueprints for much-needed infrastructure projects burning holes in ministers' in-trays, they too are hungry for more debt. 

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Nigeria: Boko Haram in AQIM’s inner circle


President Goodluck Jonathan may have contracted Israeli security experts to safeguard Aso Rock and other vulnerable buildings, but it is unclear who will look after ordinary men and women.

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Nigeria: e-surveillance bill underway to up security watch


In the wake of heightened insecurity in Nigeria, the federal government has begun deliberating new legislation that will monitor telephone calls.

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Nigeria reiterates support for Palestine state

Nigeria has pledged its continued support for Palestinians right to statehood under the United Nations.

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Anansi: After Osama bin Laden, Islamist parties strengthened by Arab Spring?

Has the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden weakened or strengthened Islamist parties in Africa and the Middle East? Certainly in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Yemen they are on a roll this year, buoyed by the toppling of a couple of autocrats and the undermining of many more. Yet the demise of Osama bin Laden may help those Islamist parties assume a less threatening posture as they compete for power in elections.

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Le Trio Joubran: A path to Palestine

Good-looking ­ambassadors of Palestinian culture, ?the Joubran brothers have revitalised ?interest in an old instrument and found popularity amongst a more politically engaged and youthful fan base in the ?Middle East and ?North Africa.

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Shockwaves across North Africa

In a region where stasis and repression seemed to offer no hope, a generation of young and committed revolutionaires have swept aside the autocrats. North Africa and the Middle East are having to learn a new language, one of democracy and pluralism.

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Is the US ready for democracy in North Africa and the Middle East?

Anti-government protesters in Tunisia and Egypt called for an end to authoritarianism. Since the US had friendly ties with rulers of both countries, we ask if it will welcome democracy there.

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The girl with the Egyptian flag

As Egypt lurches towards democracy, South Africa lurches within it, writes Heinrich Böhmke in a comparison between the two countries' very different struggles.

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Kinshasa's contract competition

A case study from the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of our investigation into African Mineral Deals, The Struggle Underground.

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