Ethiopia en route to eliminating iodine deficiency disorder

Photo©ReutersEthiopia has passed a law making it mandatory for the iodisation of table salt, as the country battles high numbers of goitre cases.

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Uganda police hunts paedophile

Police in the East African country have stepped up a manhunt for a man accused of molesting underage boys.

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Testing time for Zimbabwe's indigenisation plan

Having invested $290m since August 2010, Zimplats hasalotto lose with the indigenisation of its Ngezi mining operation©Tsvangirayi MukwazhiZimplats is one of the first major foreign companies to face the new indigenisation law that will lead it to divest 51% of its operations in the country to empower local employees, communities and investors.

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Lazy Ugandan men face arrest

Ugandan men who fail to cater for their families may soon face the wrath of the law, as the government has proposed laws that censure laziness.

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Nigeria bans same sex marriages

Nigerian law makers have limited the definition of a marriage contract or civil union to persons of opposite sex/Photo/ReutersNigerian law makers have approved a law banning same sex marriages, which imposes severe punishment for offenders and those who witness the unions.

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Anti-gay Ugandan group against death penalty for homosexuals

Map of UgandaA Ugandan lobby group that opposes homosexuality is challenging a 2009 Bill that proposes the death penalty for gays.

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Ethiopia moves to bar foreign lawyers

Ethiopia is set to introduce a new law barring foreigners from practising as lawyers, which critics say is targeted at professionals with dual citizenship.

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UN asks Ghana to be practical on homosexuality

photo/reutersUNAIDS has urged Ghana to institute measures to protect the rights of homosexuals in order to fight HIV/AIDS.

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Nigeria: e-surveillance bill underway to up security watch


In the wake of heightened insecurity in Nigeria, the federal government has begun deliberating new legislation that will monitor telephone calls.

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AFDB: Tunisia calls in the legal experts

The African Development Bank's African Legal Support Facility is being used by Tunisia's new government to track assets stolen by the Ben Ali regime.

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Pre-emption or hysteria in Nigeria? *Online Exclusive*

The circumstances surrounding the death of Boko Haram sect leader Mohammed Yusuf in Northern Nigeria are highly suspect, says human rights expert Akinola Akintayo    Army crackdown on Boko Haram sect leaders in Northern Nigeria. Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP

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Aid in Crisis: Who is helping whom?

International aid agencies are under attack – rich countries are cutting their budgets and African governments are questioning their motives 

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