Ghana: West Africa health ministers affirm decision on Ebola combating

 A U.N. convoy of soldiers passes a screen displaying a message on Ebola on a street in Abidjan August 14, 2014. Photo©ReutersAn Assembly of Ministers of Health of ECOWAS meeting in the Ghana's capital, Accra has taken a firm decision on the implementation of an operational plan on the Ebola virus, afflicting the sub region.

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Ebola-hit Liberia gets food imports, braces for economic gloom

Liberia, the West African state hardest-hit by the worst Ebola outbreak in history, has secured imports of basic food staples until December, but the blow to its mining sector may trigger a recession next year, a minister said on Thursday.

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WHO experts advise against travel or trade bans on Ebola-hit Africa

Independent health advisers to the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that there should be no general ban on travel or trade with countries reeling from an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the U.N. agency said on Monday.

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World Bank: Ebola could drain billions of dollars from African economies

The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola could drain billions of dollars from economies in West Africa by the end of next year if the epidemic is not contained, the World Bank said in an analysis on Wednesday.

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Economic growth forecasts cut for Ebola-hit West African nations

Volunteers prepare to remove the bodies of people who were suspected of contracting Ebola and died in the community in the village of Pendebu, north of Kenema, Sierra Leone. Photo©ReutersSierra Leone has cut its 2014 economic growth forecast to 7 or 8 percent as an Ebola outbreak cripples business in the iron ore-exporting West African country, the government said on Wednesday.

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Surviving Ebola: Africa cries out for healthcare boost

Photo@ReutershealthworkersSurviving sickness can make you stronger.

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ECOWAS ministers concerned about vast unmanned borders but vow to contain Ebola outbreak

Photo©ReutersWest African health ministers have agreed a coordinated approach to tackle the increasing cases of ebola in the region.

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The fight against dirty money goes global

When government appears unconcerned about corruption and illicit financial flows, citizens must find other ways to be heard, as in this striking street art in Nairobi’s central business district. Photo©Thomas Mukoya/ReutersTrade mispricing, money laundering and tax evasion are stripping more than $50bn a year from African state revenue. So says a detailed, new United Nations report coordinated by South Africa's Thabo Mbeki.

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Guinea signs framework deal with Rio, Chinalco for $20 bn project

The project requires the construction of a 650-km railway. Photo©ReutersGuinea signed a deal with Rio Tinto, Chinalco and the International Finance Corporation on Monday, setting out conditions for massive infrastructure investment to revive the giant $20 billion Simandou iron ore project.

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Oil, Liberia's hope for development

Photo©ReutersWhile oil could potentially accelerate the country's development, Liberians also remember that mismanagement of its forestry, gold and diamonds resources was one of the causes of the last war.

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Ivory Coast's San Pedro port to build refined fuel terminal

File Photo©ReutersIvory Coast's second port of San Pedro will build a new refined fuel terminal targeting distribution in the country's west as well as export markets in neighbouring Liberia, Guinea and Mali, the head of the port said on Wednesday.

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ArcelorMittal will share Liberia iron ore rail with Guinea miners: Liberia fin min

File Photo©ReutersArcelorMittal will have to share the Liberian rail line it is using to export iron ore with Sable Mining and others miners in Guinea who request access, Liberia's finance minister Amara Konneh said on Wednesday.

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Top 5 people to watch in West Africa in 2014

Mo Abudu (left), Alex Mould (centre top), Non Karna Coulibaly (centre bottom), J. Mills Jones (right top), Ahmada Ag Bibi (right bottom) West Africa's top 5 people to watch list in 2014 showcases a melange of personalities from Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and Liberia.

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False dawn for African steelmakers

File Photo©ReutersDemand for iron ore and other inputs is expected to grow, particularly in China, but African steel companies are not in a position to benefit from global trends.

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Book: Another America - The tragic history of Liberia

In Another America, James Ciment recalls how former African-American slaves returned to their ancestors' birthplace in search of a land of liberty.

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African Union and the ICC: Standing for human rights or against?

African countries have actively supported the ICC and nominated Africans to the positions of ICC judges including the current ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda from GambiaPoliticians stoked the inter-ethnic violence that engulfed Kenya following the disputed Presidential election result in December 2007. Today, it is politicians who seek to take African countries out of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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Former Liberian leader, Taylor to spend 50 years behind bars

Former Liberian Leader, Charles Taylor will be spending 50 years behind bars. Photo©ReutersFormer Liberian president Charles Taylor has lost his appeal at The Hague and will be spending the next five decades behind bars.

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Guarding the formula to uproot conflict

Overall, in Africa, post-conflict countries are trying hard to deliver peace dividends – jobs, peace, freedom, democracy and rule of law. The transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding is not easy but the continent is making great strides regarding the economy, improving good governance and building trust. With peace-building, Africa may have found the right formula for rooting out conflicts.

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The difference between Ethiopia's Gabrselassie and Liberia's Weah

Haile Gabrselassie (L) George Weah (R)/Photo©ReutersEthiopia's Track legend Haile Gebrselassie plans to run for the presidency of Ethiopia. But will his sporting fame be enough to administer the fate and future of a nation and its people?

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Towards an oil blessing or curse

Photo©Reuters‪While the discovery of oil in some African countries may hold the key out of poverty, the opposite cannot be overlooked. "If you find yourself at the crossroads, it's your determination that can lead you to the case of Botswana or Ghana and not other worse oil scenarios in the world" says Professor Paul Collier, director of the International Growth Centre.‬

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