Mass weddings gain popularity in Uganda, DRC

Mass weddings are increasingly gaining popularity in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as hundreds of Catholics prefer to exchange vows on the same day. Many see this as a way of saving costs.

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Women trouble for Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai/Photo©ReutersA South African woman has approached Zimbabwean courts in a bid to have Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's wedding stopped, saying the premier also promised to marry her.

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Ex wife sues Zimbabwe PM for $15 000 monthly maintenance

Since the death of his wife in 2009, Tsvangirai's love life has been nothing short of controversyZimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's ex-lover has sued him for $15,000 monthly maintenance, days before he is due to remarry.

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Wives of gay men: not an easy job in China

Homosexuality does not constitute a valid reason for divorce in China/Photo/ReutersAbout 80 per cent of homosexuals in China get married to avoid social pressure.

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Nigeria: weddings pull out all the stops

altNo-one does weddings quite like Nigerians and business is booming for everyone in the bridal field, as a major expo shows.

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Nigeria bans same sex marriages

Nigerian law makers have limited the definition of a marriage contract or civil union to persons of opposite sex/Photo/ReutersNigerian law makers have approved a law banning same sex marriages, which imposes severe punishment for offenders and those who witness the unions.

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Tsvangirai’s marriage raises eyebrows

Tsvangirai's marriage has dominated news headlines in Zimbabwe/Photo/reutersZimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has come under fire from traditionalists after he paid bride price for a new wife in this month, which considered sacred in local culture.

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Mugabe clamping down on churches – US

The United States has accused the Zimbabwean government of restricting freedom of worship and religion to maintain a stranglehold in politically contested areas.

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