Italy, Ethiopia sign 20 million euro migration agreement

Refugees from East African countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia gather outside the offices of the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR in 6th October City on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt Monday, Feb. 14, 2011, demanding they be resettled outside Egypt. Photo©Ben Curtis/AP/SIPAAid agencies and donors signed a 20 million euro grant agreement on Thursday to stem irregular migration from Northern and Central Ethiopia.

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Ghana scraps visas for African nationals

File photo©Sunday Alamba/AP/SIPAGhana has scrapped visas for African nationals using its only international airport as a way of promoting tourism and investment in the West African country.

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Mining: Eritrea digs deep for jobs

Bisha is a benchmark and “has to be world class,” says the company. Photo©ReutersEritrea's hobbled economy will get a boost when new gold, copper and zinc mines begin production. Despite the commodity crisis, the government is banking on the sector to provide much-needed jobs.

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Niger's Agadez, a smugglers’ haven

Photos© Issouf Sanogo/AFPIn Agadez, on the edge of the Sahara, an entire economy has grown up around the West African migrants trying to reach Libya and beyond

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Africa to get $3.8 bn to stem migrants crisis

File photo©ReutersAfrican countries will receive $3.8 billion in aid from Europe in exchange for help to tackle the migration crisis affecting rich countries, it has been revealed.

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Immigrants or Refugees: The limits of empathy

Photo©ReutersEurope's influx of migrants shows the perils of selecting groups of 'deserving' and 'undeserving'

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Open seas, broken borders

Photos©Olivier Jobard/MYOPThousands of migrants will die this year en route to Europe as politicians in Brussels squabble over how to deal with the arrival of people from Africa and the Middle East

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Africa's emigrants turn eastward

File Photo©ReutersHigher economic growth does not mean that people will stay put, and many Africans in search of opportunities now head to Asia.

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Migration: Mediterranean boat people numbers soar to near 100,000

Photo©ReutersAlmost 100,000 boat people have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe this year, a roughly 60 percent increase on the whole of last year, and about 800 have died in the attempt, the U.N. refugee agency said on Thursday.

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EU-Africa Summit: All roads lead to Brussels

Europe remains a goal for thousands of migrants ready to risk their lives to leave Africa. Photo©Juan Medina/ReutersThe topics of trade, aid and security are all on the table at the EU-Africa summit on 2-3 April. African negotiators worry about tariff protection, migration issues and financing peace-keeping missions.

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