Telecoms: MTN Nigeria to roll out LTE services after 2.6GHz spectrum auction win

Photo©ReutersAfrica's biggest mobile telecoms operator MTN's Nigerian subsidiary has won a 10-year radio spectrum licence for mobile broadband services, it said on Wednesday.

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Interview: Voice, Data and the future of telecoms- Irene Charnley

Irene Charnley, Chief executive, Smile Telecoms Although mobile growth continues to register an unprecedented growth in the developing world, revenue from voice is stagnating. In terms of future growth, Irene Charnley, Chief executive of Smile Telecoms, sees data playing a major role. 

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Telecoms: Making way for Data, the future king

Photos© Michael Zumstein/Agence VuData consumption is rising rapidly in Africa, and companies are now focusing on a new generation of telecoms networks to increase speed and capacity. While voice is not dead, analysts predict slower growth in the years ahead

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Your guide to the new low-cost smartphone models

Photos© All rights reserved Shopping for a new smartphone? From internal memory size, camera quality to retail price, the options are endless. Here we look at a few popular low-cost handsets that have arrived on the market this year

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Investment: Smile Telecoms raises $365 million to fund Africa expansion

File photo©ReutersMauritius-based African mobile internet firm Smile Telecoms has raised $365 million to fund the expansion of high-speed broadband networks, it said on Tuesday.

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Ghana mobile phone operators drive telecoms boom

Photo©ReutersGhana's mobile phone penetration rate has risen to 59.7 per cent after the voice subscriber base climbed to over 31 million.

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Africa's electronic transactions grow as card services join mobile market

Photo©ReutersElectronic payment service companies, Visa and MasterCard have launched card services aimed at Africa's growing mobile payment industry.

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Ethiopia: China's ZTE could lose part of $800 million telecoms deal

Photo@ReutersEthiopiaAddisAbabaEthiopia has told Chinese telecoms firm ZTE Corp it risked losing part of its deal worth $800 million to expand the nation's network because of differences over costs of upgrading existing systems, an Ethiopian minister and executive said.

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Zimbabwe mobile operators to slash rates

Photo©ReutersZimbabwe's mobile regulatory authority – the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) – has ordered all three mobile network operators to slash voice tariffs to 15 cents per minute with effect from December, down from 23 cents per minute.

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Cote d'Ivoire to cut mobile operators to improve service

The number of mobile operators in Cote d'Ivoire will be reduced as a government plan to check the quality of mobile phone services begins.

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Ugandan entrepreneur eyes more tie-ups after deals with ex-Barclays boss

Ashish Thakkar, CEO of Mara GroupUgandan-born entrepreneur Ashish Thakkar, whose Mara Group has teamed up with ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond to buy banks in Africa, is also seeking international partners for mobile technology and financial services ventures.

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Technology: Agricultural innovation gives small farmers advantage

Kenya has 5 million farmers, including small subsistence growers and large industrial agriculturalists. File Photo©ReutersA cloud-based mobile platform that keeps track of pesticide residues in produce now makes it possible for small-scale farmers in Kenya to store and manage data on the pesticide content in their crops before exporting them.

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Telecoms: Spying on Zimbabwean citizens

The Zimbabwe government has come underfire for introducing a law that will see its agencies spying on people's mobile phone records, text messages and emails.

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Kenya's Safaricom warns against more tax rises on money transfers

Bob Collymore Chief Executive of Kenya's leading mobile phone operator Safaricom/Photo©ReutersKenya's leading mobile phone operator Safaricom cautioned the government against further rises in excise duty on mobile money transfers, saying there was a risk new county-level administrations would add to the tax burden.

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Ziad Tlemçani's Bitaka to offer electronic payment systems in Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire.

Ziad Tlemçani: flair on the business pitch/Photo©ONS ABID FOR JAZiad Tlemçani is not your average former footballer.

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Ericsson to broaden ICT connectivity in Ghana

Photo©ReutersEricsson, the world's largest maker of equipment for building mobile telecommunications networks, has announced plans to broaden information, communication and technology (ICT) connectivity to the rural communities in Ghana.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV arriving in Ghana soon

Samsung Galaxy S IV, the fourth generation Galaxy S range is expected to soon arrive in Ghana, Samsung Electronics West Africa announced Tuesday.

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Ghana: Mobile money promotes financial inclusion

The research highlighted a set of steps to reduce barriers to the usage of mobile money in Ghana/Photo©ReutersResearch by a United States university has revealed that mobile money services can promote financial inclusion and savings in rural Ghana.

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Health at your fingertips via mobile

Photo©ReutersA message telling you when and how to take your diabetes medication. Or a voice mail reminding you of your next mammogram. That's what two UN agencies are hoping to do with mobile technology to save lives, reduce illness and disability and bring down healthcare costs.

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Cashless economy still a long way off in Nigeria

Nigeria’s mobile-money schemes are short on buyers and short on sellers/ISSOUF SANOGO/AFPTelecoms companies and banks have rolled out their own mobile-money transfer networks, but mobile subscribers have been slow to take up this service.

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