South Africa public broadcaster to play 90% local music

Photo©ReutersSouth Africa's public broadcaster will now play 90 percent local music content on its radio platforms after heavy lobbying from artists.

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Animation: Drawn in Africa

African animators' time has come. After being overlooked for decades, with traditional film a preference for investment, its commercial potential is starting to be tapped by advertising agencies, and artists are finding more opportunities to make a sustainable income from their creations.

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Music: Behind the scenes with Aar Maanta

Photos© All rights reserved Passionate about his people's struggle, the Somali-born British singer is working on his next EP, Somali Songs from the Diaspora 2

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Education: Come fly with me, in and out of Egypt

Photos© SarfaniLocal organisations In Cairo have taken it into their own hands to promote diversity and stimulate young minds

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Behind the scenes with Danielle Eog Makedah

Photos© William NsaiThe Cameroonian singer is making waves with the seductive blend of neo-soul, jazz and spoken word found on her album Peace, Love and Light

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Jean-Pierre Bokondji a.k.a. Jupiter: I've had many lives

Photos© Florent de la Tullaye/Belle Kinoise ProdMinisterial private secretary, funeral musician, international pop star and the subject of a documentary, Jupiter's orbit continues as he promotes congolese culture to the world

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Day in the life: Home brew

Photos© Marc Shoul for TARAt House of Baobab in Johannesburg, Senegalese-born Talla Niang stirs up a melting-pot of tastes, sounds and arts to spread pride in African culture

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Africa's entertainment and media industry on the rise

Top African entertainer, Angelique Kidjo clinched the best world music album at the 57th Grammy Awards in the U.S. Photo©ReutersWith a commodity crunch in Africa's major economies slowing down economic growth, there's some good news on the entertainment economy front.

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Behind the scenes with J'Something

Photos© All rights reservedJ’Something – João da Fonseca to his mum – was the sultry singer of the band Mi Casa. He now hosts a cooking show and has a TV production company

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Day in a life: Ad-libbing it in Ethiopia

Tewodros Terefe is a comic, a poet, a musician and a bar manager all rolled into one. He keeps his customers laughing as the drinks flow, using nothing but a masenko and his razor-sharp wit.

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Music: I am a torchbearer for my culture

Photo©Guillaume Binet/MyopZabo delivers a message of unity to his country that will also have you out on the dancefloor grooving to his Malian Afrobeat.

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Music: Tunisia's head-spinning hip-hop culture

Photo©Sam KimballIn Kasserine as in the Bronx, hip-hop is an arsenal for youth who want to be heard.

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Let's empower young African artists - Angelique Kidjo

Photo©Charles Sykes/AP/SIPAAfrica must do more to protect and value its artists, says the star, who tells the story of her life in a new autobiography.

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Rap Music: We have news for you

the Senegalese duo in the studio: the green screen is replaced by news images and rapped interviews. Photo©RICCI SHRYOCKRap We have news for you Keyti and Xuman's bilingual weekly news rap in Wolof and French delivers a serious message, hip-hop style.

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The music continues in 2014

Afrikan Boy. Photo©Hassan Hajjaj - Press ShotMali was the powerhouse of African music releases in 2013, and the momentum will carry on well into 2014 with a wealth of new recordings.

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Kenyan writers, forget barbie dolls and Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will not help our children build a new continent. Photo©SAYYID AZIM/AP/SIPAKenyan writers in the world Authors must follow the lead of music, film and comedy to find new ways of distribution and putting Africans at the centre of their imaginative world.

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Nightlife in Egypt - Cairo's still kicking despite the curfew

Traditional music at a curfew gathering. Photo©Thomas Hartwell/AP/SIPAEgyptian artists and musicians will not be silenced by lights out – they have simply moved indoors.

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Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos

The success of Saro suggests a brighter future for Nigerian theatre after it received resounding reviewsNigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

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Cape Verde's music goes global

Photo©TÓ GOMES PHOTOGRAPHYThe tiny island nation with a big voice has launched its own professional music market ahead of the Kriol Jazz Festival.

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Has Nigerian Afrobeats overtaken Congolese rumba?

For years Congolese rumba was a continental favourite, but now West African tunes are getting young people dancing from Nairobi to Abidjan.

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