Puma Energy enters Ghana's fuel storage, retail market

Global mid and downstream petroleum company, Puma Energy, has entered Ghana's fuel and storage markets after entering into partnerships with two local firms.

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Push for Made in Ghana goods as Oil price fall weighs producer inflation down

Photos© All rights reservedGhana's annual producer price inflation for all industries dropped to 2.8 per cent in October, a decline of two percentage points from the previous month following the consistent fall in oil prices.

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Commodities: That sinking feeling

Photos© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for TARPlunging commodity prices are piling pressure on many African governments that are now scrambling to adjust budgets and find new sources of revenue.

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Reforms in Nigeria's National Petroleum Corporation

Photo@ReuterspipelinesThe new head of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) said on Sunday he will review all production-sharing contracts and joint venture agreements with its partners "to reflect current day realities in the global oil and gas industry".

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Gabon tells French Total oil company to pay $805 mln in taxes

Gabon's government has told French oil major Total's local subsidiary to pay $805 million in taxes it owes for 2008 to 2010, in a case watched closely by potential new investors in the West African country's energy sector.

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Ghana revises investment laws to safeguard local traders

The law will increase the minimum capital requirement of foreigners to engage in retail trade from $300,000 to $1 million in cash or goods in Ghana/Photo©ReutersGhana's parliament has revised investment laws to rectify the abuse of sectors reserved for Ghanaians by foreign investors, particularly in the retail and trading sectors.

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Nigeria: New dams mean power for all regions

Chinedu Nebo, Nigeria's Power Minister/Photo©NorbrookTransmission infrastructure must be strengthened so the surge in generation capacity by the end of the year can benefit Nigeria. Interview with Nigerian power minister, Chinedu Nebo.

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Ghanaians up in arms over fuel subsidies and price hikes

Fiery debates over fuel subsidies and recent fuel price hikes continue to rock Ghana following a move by the country's petroleum authority to support the International Monetary Fund's position on financial assistance.

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Guinea: Ahmed Kanté leads charge for a greater state role in mining

With a reputation as both prudent and obstinate, Kanté is the ideal man to direct SOGUIPAMI/Photo©YOURI LENQUETTEAdmired by some and hated by others, the 54-year-old director of Guinea's state mining fund SOGUIPAMI is pressing on with the mining reforms that he started under a previous government in 2007.

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Nigeria's power crisis and crisis in power

Barth Nnaji (far right) during happier days with Jonathan and Diezani/Photo©Siemmens AGPower minister Barth Nnaji stepped down in late August, raising concerns about the government's ability to improve governance and opening the way for a splinter group within the ruling party.

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Ethiopia: Foreign oil companies invest US$2.4 billion to explore for oil

Map of EthiopiaNine oil exploring companies are currently exploring for oil in Ethiopia, investing a total of US$2.4 billion, the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines said on Tuesday.

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Nigeria: Jonathan optimistic in State of the Nation address

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan/Photo/ReutersNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan believes the West African country has "made appreciable progress in the last one year" under his stewardship.

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Nigeria: No fresh dawn, but perhaps signs of movement

The outlook for Nigeria’s oil and gas sector may be cloudy, but there are one or two bright spots on the horizon/Photo/DENIS ALLARD/REAThough the destiny of Nigerian oil and gas is still bound up in the passing of a bill designed to simplify and restructure the sector, a new push for transparency may help dismantle the roadblocks.

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Ghana: No drop in Transport fares despite fuel price reduction

Fuel prices rose astronomically after the withdrawal of subsidies in December 2011/Photo/ReutersA Ghanaian government decision to subsidise imported petroleum prices will see fuel prices going down by 20 percent, the National Petroleum Authority announced.

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Nigeria: Interview with Dr Emmanuel Presidential Adviser on Petroleum Matters

After four years of heated debate over the attempt to reform Nigeria’s underachieving oil and gas industry, the Petroleum Industry Bill is likely to pass into law this year. Dr Egbogah explains the issues at stake, and the difficult negotiations with international oil companies, in an exclusive interview with The Africa Report’sPatrick Smith and Donu Kogbara.

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Nigeria's oil and gas: ?Blueprint for reform and growth

Making the oil and gas industry productive and accountable are the priorities of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government. If he succeeds, Nigerian companies stand to benefit.

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Nigeria to look at Islamic Banking without emotion

Incoming Nigerian Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala says the country must live within its means in order to salvage an economic revival.

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Exploring the East African frontier

altAfter attracting less activity than other regions of the continent, East Africa now hosts a raft of new oil and gas exploration and production projects        

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West Africa: Indigenous understandings

altAngola’s and Nigeria’s experiences underline the pitfalls behind encouraging local actors in a business prone to corruption?    ?

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Oil & Gas: Libyan promse falters

Backers of Western interests are up against those who think foreign oil companies get too good a deal, pitting the liberalisation camp against champions of ‘Libyanisation’

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