Dans la tete de Laurent Gbagbo Par Jeune Afrique.mp4
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Gbagbo "Sarkozy, c'est Chirac II. Je ne me laisserai pas faire...Quoi? pourquoi ceder?...pourquoi partir? Pourquoi on me decerne le prix nobel de la soumissi...
The Roving Eclectic
Paapa Nketsiah is an artist whose vision has been to create a retreat. A place of teaching and learning. A haven for people to share knowledge, ideas and cre...
Portrait of a Nation- Ghana
This film tells the story of a country coming into its own; a nation with ample business opportunities for investors; and an entrepreneurial and energized population ready to change the face of Africa. Produced by EPIC Global Media, an award-winning creative agency which signed a Global Development Alliance (GDA) with the United States Agency for International Development Mission to Ghana, this film aims to build and present the brand of Ghana internationally.
Nigeria analysis by Patrick Smith, The Africa Report.flv
Nigeria has been faced with two major crises in recent weeks: on the one hand, a general strike in response to a removal of the fuel subsidy on 1 January by ...
John Kamau of Jamii Telecom on Sub-Saharan Africa's first Fibre-To-The-Home network
John Kamau, General Manager of Kenya's Jamii Telecom talks about: its plans for a Fibre-To-The-Home network; the planned menu of services for household users...
Visit of Busy Internet in Ghana - Accra by Thomas Akumiah
BusyInternet, an award winning ISP, was founded in Ghana in 2001 with a unique mission to provide both commercial services as well as social and economic sol...
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