Environment: South Africa plans levy on mines to tackle acid mine water pollution

File photo©ReutersSouth Africa's water ministry plans to charge mining firms two-thirds of the cost for treating polluted water emanating from their century-long operations in Johannesburg's mining belt.

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Climate Change: African projects win Norwegian CO2 credit tender

The Norwegian government has selected four African projects in its latest tender to buy carbon credits to meet its emission targets, it said, paying several times the current market rate.

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Climate Change: South Africa says carbon taxes will not hurt economy

South Africa's proposed taxes on gas emissions will not impact already high electricity prices, nor will it add pressure to sectors such as the mining industry, the Treasury said on Monday.

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Climate Change: Africa bites the dust in Lima

The Lima text was accepted by all parties - after the Africa group was conveniently excluded from consultations on a particular version of the text - even though it did not adequately address key issues that deadlocked the talks and the entire course of the discussion on the Durban Platform.

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Climate Change: Finance commitments not optional for Africa

Photo©ReutersGlobal temperatures are likely to be the highest on record this year. The phenomenon will emphasise the need for a sound adaptation foundation in developing countries to be backed by the support promised under the climate convention.

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Climate Change: A better chance in Lima

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Minister of Environment, Peru, has a demanding task ahead of him. Photo courtesy©ANDINA/Oscar FarjeWith pressure on to avoid a non agreement in Paris next year, the Lima climate conference starts with apprehension, tension, and also some sense of optimism from some sectors.

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Do oil companies care enough about oil spills?

In June the first judgement in a test case against shell at London's High Court ruled that the company may be liable for oil spills caused by sabotage or theft. The case has been brought by 15,000 villagers in the Niger Delta.

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Nigeria's Delta remains polluted despite UN order

Corruption and spills has left the people of the Niger Delta economically and environmentally disadvantaged. Photo©ReutersOil pollution is prevalent in Nigeria's Niger Delta region, despite promises from Shell Corporation to clean up the area.

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Nigeria's commercial capital in waste disposal pandemic

IA scavenger picks up trash for recycling at the Olusosun dump site in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos in this March 23, 2012 file photo©ReutersLagos State, Nigeria's commercial hub, now generates 12,000 metric tonnes of waste per day, exceeding the capacity of the state's waste management authority.

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Three firms buy 510,000 African carbon credits in H1 2014

Three major international commodity traders bought a total 510,000 African carbon offsets from clean energy project developer ecosur afrique in the first half of 2014, showing some demand still exists for credits from the battered U.N. market.

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Ghana: Backpedaling as gas flaring could be permitted at Jubilee Field

Ghana's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that it could allow gas flaring to take place at the Jubilee Oilfield, despite the government's 'zero gas flaring' policy.

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Ghana: E-waste, pollution plagues Accra's Agbloboshie

Agbloboshie has been the dumping ground for electronic goods imported into Ghana. Photo©Blacksmith InstituteAgbloboshie in Ghana's capital Accra has been ranked in the top 10 most polluted places in the world, thanks to toxic fumes, which are a result of consistent dumping of electronic goods, a report by Green Cross Switzerland and the Blacksmith Institute says.

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Nigeria: Oil companies blamed, amid pollution reports

Photo©ReutersNigeria companies have escaped large compensation fees for oil spills in the Niger Delta region by blaming thieves for the environmental problems. Amnesty International's report, which follows another enviromental report released by Green Cross and Blacksmith Institute, has been rejected by the country's oil companies.

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Ogoni: Drinking & eating crude oil

Two whole years after the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) issued a damning assessment of the Ogoni environment, the Ogoni people are forced to continue wallowing in the toxic broth that their lands and waters have been made to become.

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Defending the Earth, our lives

It cannot be denied that the multiple crises currently confronting humankind are intimately linked to our perception of nature's resources and that this perception drives the manner by which these are exploited and utilised.

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Cadmium contamination menaces Cocoa exports

Cocoa plants are carefully monitored at this research centre in Abidjan, but for most growers it’s the first they have heard of cadmium contamination/Photo©ISSOUF SANOGO/AFPNew European regulations on cadmium in cocoa beans increase the burden on African producers, who say livelihoods will be lost unless they are given time to adapt.

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Lethal cooking smoke kills thousands in Africa

Photo©ReutersAlmost half a million people die each year in Sub-Saharan Africa from household air pollution, according to a new global study published today in The Lancet medical journal.

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The story of Zimbabwe's Marange diamonds: Pollution, Politics, Power

Apart from water and noise pollution, Marange is also experiencing serious air pollution/Photo©ReutersThe inhabitants of Marange believe their village would be a better place to live in had it not been for the discovery of enormous deposits of alluvial diamonds in 2006, believed to constitute approximately 25% of the world's known deposits.

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Justice: Far reaching implications of fixing historical wrongs

Photo©ReutersIt is never too late to seek justice. Unresolved judicial cases in Kenya and Nigeria have been snapped out of near oblivion and hauled to foreign courts in civil claims.

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Please sort out the backyard before talking climate

Even without the threat of burning skies, issues such as health care and education, ecosystem restoration, and boring old conservation still need our attention if we intend to have enough to eat and drink in the decades ahead. It might be time to think a bit more again about all those old-fashioned concepts that were on everyone's agenda before climate change.

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