Ghana: Wealthiest now consume nearly 7 times more than poorest

Photo©ReutersGhana's economy has witnessed steady positive growth and substantial social change over the last 30 years, economists say, but they have raised concerns over mounting inequality, which now sees the richest Ghanaians consuming 6.8 times more food than the poorest, up from 6.4 in 10 years ago.

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Botswana's plan to grow economy in next 6 years not enough to end poverty

Botswana's Finance Minister Kenneth Matambo. Photo©ScreenShotBotswana will target an average economic growth rate of 4.4 percent in the next six years from 3.8 percent currently but this won't be enough to end poverty, the finance minister said on Monday.

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Africa's future depends on a tough new global climate treaty

If the world fails to make December's climate treaty stick, then a global climate catastrophe is certain. In Africa, we're well aware of that stark fact: we're already facing the harshest effects of climate change.

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Agriculture: From copper to cows, a Zambian move

Photos© Adrià Fruitos for TARThe mining downturn is leading Zambia's government to look to agricultural development for opportunities

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Cote d'Ivoire: $49 bn, 5-year investment plan to tackle poverty

Cote d'Ivoire is aiming to invest more than 29 trillion CFA francs ($48.53 billion) in the next five years as part of efforts to foster economic development and reduce poverty, the government said on Wednesday.

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Construction: Egypt to build 1 million homes for poor to help ease shortage

File photo©ReutersEgypt plans to build 1 million homes for poorer people at a cost of almost $20 billion over the next five years, the housing minister said, to ease a crunch that has seen slums and unlicensed buildings spread since the 2011 revolt.

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Uganda: 10 percent live in abject poverty

At least one in 10 of Uganda's 37.6 million population lives in abject poverty and lack access to education, a new report released on Wednesday claims.

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Climate Change: Africa fights for a deal

World leaders listen to an address by Pope Francis on 25 September before adopting the SDGs at the United Nations headquarters, NY. Photo©UN/Cia PakAs African leaders, climate change experts and scholars understand it, the climate change agreement currently being negotiated and expected to be adopted in Paris is an opportunity to emphasise the link between climate and development.

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Tanzania: Waiting for sweet salvation

Photos© Noor KhamisThe government's partnership with Swedish company EcoEnergy was touted as a flagship for foreign investment. NGOs say it is a land grab. Caught in the middle for the past four years are the farmers due compensation

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Namibia Country Profile 2015: SWAPO's clean sweep


Hage Geingob, the incumbent prime minister and ruling South West African People's Organisation (SWAPO) vice-president, was firmly confident of election as Namibia's first non-northern and non-Oshiwambo president on 29 November 2014.

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Tanzania Country Profile 2015: Heads turned by the scent of gas

altWith general elections planned for October 2015, the months ahead promise higher political stakes than ever before in a country long dominated by the heavy hand of the former single party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

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Ethiopia Country Profile 2015: Successes and strains in the balance

altThe year ahead promises some key reckonings for the government of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

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Is democracy getting in the way of development?

Photos© Christophe Calais/Signatures; Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAThe Africa Report, in association with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is organising the inaugural session of The Africa Report Debates in Accra on 20 November to ask the question: Is democracy getting in the way of development?

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Mo Ibrahim: There is another way of doing business

Photos© Vincent Fournier/JAThe results of this year's Ibrahim Index show the pace of progress is slowing, especially on security and economic opportunities. Holding private businesses and institutions accountable is the only way to improve governance, Mo Ibrahim says

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Democracy: Vote and vote again but forget the term limits

altBack in January, 2015 was being hyped as the year of African elections – not because of any great democratic dispensation but because of the neatness of the five in 2015 coinciding with the end of one term of office or another.

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Africa to get $3.8 bn to stem migrants crisis

File photo©ReutersAfrican countries will receive $3.8 billion in aid from Europe in exchange for help to tackle the migration crisis affecting rich countries, it has been revealed.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: The Kabila legacy

Photos© Stephane de Sakutin/AFPWith little more than a year left before President Kabila is due to step down, The Africa Report looks into where he has kept his promises and where they have fallen down. One issue remains unclear: whether he will strengthen Congolese democracy or join the ranks of presidents seeking to stay in power at all costs

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Ghana: UN expert welcomes torture eradication efforts

File photo©ReutersA United Nations expert has welcomed actions by Ghana to combat torture, but called for accelerated efforts to implement recommendations issued after a mission in 2013 to the country raised deep concerns about overcrowding in prisons and other rights violations.

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Land Degradation Neutrality and a new Fund to advance the concept

Ethiopia's Afar pastoralists face deepening poverty because they have lost access to their richest traditional rangelands. File photo©ReutersA new catch phrase, "Land Degradation Neutrality", is being brought into play with increasing prominence, with the intention of using the concept to ensure continued ecosystem functionality, broadly speaking. Yet what it delivers potentially locks communities out of their own lands and ultimately provides a licence for unfettered degradation.

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Austerity: Keeping growth on track

Photos© Pan Siwei/Xinhua Press/CorbisWith Western governments wary of committing more money to aid, African states are left looking for other sources of finance for their development

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