Equitorial Guinea Country Profile 2015: Obiang's game to play

altEquatorial Guinea will not have another presidential election until 2016, and President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, 72, is following a common script of attempting to stay in power for as long as he can while making as few compromises as possible.

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Cameroon Country Profile 2015: Promises and Passivity

altWith Boko Haram and the impact of the war in Central African Republic (CAR) proving the largest threats on the domestic front President Paul Biya's government is trying to deliver on its promises as the country moves into 2015 with few Millennium Development Goals achieved.

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Clock ticking for Nigeria's Buhari

altThere was no blitz. The days of waiting for President Muhammadu Buhari extended into weeks.

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How the Nigerian electoral race was won

Photo©Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFPWith less money than its rivals, the APC poached ruling party dissidents and used technology and social media to get its message out and monitor the vote.

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Nigeria: United they stand against Goodluck Jonathan

The All Progressive Congress hopes to draw support from its constituent parties and beyond/Photo©SUNDAY ALAMBA/AP/SIPA ... but politicians from all regions and disparate parties will have to keep their egos in check and division to a minimum if the opposition alliance is to have any chance of unseating the ruling PDP in upcoming 2015 general elections.

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Obama set to arrive in South Africa as Mandela's health remains critical


US President Barack Obama will meet South African President Jacob Zuma this weekend in South Africa as part of his Africa tour. © Reuters/Richard ClementUS President Barack Obama's visit to South Africa has been overshadowed by the health of Nelson Mandela, who remains critically ill at a Pretoria hospital.

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Mandela on life support as well-wishers gather at clinic

Children observe the gallery of dedications to former President Nelson Mandela outside the hospital in Pretoria where he is receiving treatment. © Dylan Martinez / Reuters

As the world awaits news about the health of the former South African President and Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela, a clan member confirmed that the anti-apartheid hero was on life support, unable to breathe on his own.

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Museveni describes eastern DRC as terrorism conservation project

Uganda's president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is being used as a haven by rebels threatening the security within the Great Lakes region.

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Large turn out as Ghana presidential polls open

A ruling party supporter holds up a mock ballot paper for President John Dramani Mahama in Accra ahead of 7 December election. © Gabriela Barnuevo/AP/SIPAA large turnout was recorded at polling stations across Ghana when voting began at 7 AM on Friday in crucial presidential and parliamentary elections.


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Accra sways to the beat of final election rallies

Billie McTernan blogs from Accra ahead of the first round of voting in Ghana's presidential election


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Country Profile 2012: CAMEROON

altHaving won the 9 October elections with 78 percent of the vote, Cameroon's long-serving President Paul Biya will have to juggle restless socio-political forces for the next seven years to remain president during what most believe will be his last term. He be 85 years old when his present mandate ends in 2018. 

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The crucial test for the year ahead is whether the country's political leaders accept the results of the presidential and legislative elections planned for 28 November 2011.

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AU summit: Morsi, first Egyptian president in Ethiopia after 17yrs

Mohammad Morsi, President of Egypt/Photo/ReutersEgypt's new Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammad Morsi will attend this weekend's African Union (AU) Commission summit in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

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Egypt: Army versus President

The military and president Morsi have been involved in a tug-of-war over Political tension has increased in Egypt after the newly elected president reinstated members of parliament who were dismissed by the army.


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AU's Ethiopian solution after Malawi's Bashir arrest threat

The ICC has tried to limit Bashir’s movement by urging member nations to arrest him/Photo/ReutersEthiopia is now set to host the July 9 African Union (AU) summit after Malawi pulled out protesting against  the participation of Sudan's President, Omar al-Bashir, it has been confirmed.

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Côte d'Ivoire's deadly ghosts from Liberia

Map of Côte d'IvoireAt least 40 civilians have been killed in Ivory Coast since July and children as young as 14 are being recruited by armed groups in Liberia who supported the former West African nation's, Human Rights Watch has revealed.

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s and Militant tendencies

Photo/ReutersDiplomats and mediators working along the band of conflict from Nouakchott to Mogadishu face an intense few months of diplomacy. Regional organisations are trying to tackle what they call a transmission belt of jihadism and secessionism across the Sahel.

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Processing plants reap more for Africa

altSingapore's largest soft commodity and logistics company is targeting its growth projections on wheat, rice and cashew projects throughout West Africa.

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Euro-African divorce

Should Africa and Europe be heading for the divorce courts? This bad marriage first consummated over half a millennium ago now looks beyond redemption.

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Debate: How to fix South Africa?

altSouth Africa embodied so much hope in 1994. Nearly 20 years later, day-to-day politics are dominated by stories of crony capitalism, an increasingly...

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