Saudi Arabia deports 39 female Ghanaian pilgrims without male guardians

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims make their way to cast stones at a pillar symbolizing the stoning of Satan, in a ritual called At least 39 female Ghanaian Muslim pilgrims travelling for Hajj in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca have been repatriated because they had no male relatives escorting them, a statement from Ghana's Pilgrims office (PAOG) said on Monday.

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Climate Change: Now is the Time to Live Laudato Si

Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja. Photo©Andrew Medichini/AP/SIPAOne of Pope Francis' most inspirational actions came almost exactly a year ago when he delivered his Encyclical on Ecology, entitled Laudato Si, writes Cardinal John Onaiyek, Archbishop of Abuja.

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Film & Cinema: Tunisians defy censorship and win awards

A scene from much loved. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe November 2015 Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia showed there is a demand for more challenging and thought-provoking films, despite strong voices of disapproval in the region.

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West African clergymen demand action against terrorists

File photo©Andrew Medichini/AP/SIPACatholic Church leaders from West Africa have condemned terrorist attacks in the region and urged governments to act decisively to end the scourge.

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Niger takes the fight to Boko Haram

Photos© JDD/SIPANiger has not been spared from the Islamist threat in West Africa.

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Uganda: 4 apprehended in Muslim cleric assassinations

Uganda police say they are closing in on a group of killers who have been targeting senior Muslim clerics in the country since last year.

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Zambia seeks divine help through prayer to tackle economic woes

President Edgar Lungu says he believes 'the Lord has heard' the cry of Zambians. Photo©ReutersZambians took part in a national day of prayer on Sunday seeking divine help for the country's economic woes following a collapse in global copper prices.

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Mali: A people undaunted

uN peacekeepers are a constant reminder of the jihadist threat. Photo©ReutersResilient and adaptable, those who lived through the rebel takeover in 2012 are not afraid for the future.

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Trend hunter: A tattoo in Cairo

Photo©Razan Alzayani/AP/SIPAAlthough tattoos have long been popular among Copts – a small cross on the palm or wrist is common – they are still frowned upon by conservative Muslims.

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Uganda: Muslim leader wants international help to probe murders

Muslim leaders in Uganda have asked the government to engage international investigators to probe the killing of clerics that has left the East African country searching for answers.

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Nigeria: Muslim scholars teach peace to broken youths

A teacher at Maska Road Islamic School teaches Hadith excerpts in a classroom in Kaduna, July 16, 2014. In classrooms facing a sandy courtyard in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, Maska Road Islamic School teaches a creed that condemns the violent ideology of groups like Boko Haram. The school is steadfast in preaching tolerance to its pupils, and the government is about to adopt this message in a new strategy for containing Boko Haram, which has killed thousands in a five-year campaign for an Islamic state. Photo©REUTERS/Joe Penney - July 16, 2014.  Classrooms are springing up in the dirt fields of Maiduguri, Borno State, in northern Nigeria to teach Muslim children and youth, peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

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Ghana president allays fears over religious tensions

President John Mahama. Photo©ReutersGhana President John Dramani Mahama has allayed fears of religious and ethnic tension in the country after Muslim protested against alleged attempts by some to convert them into Christianity.

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Charlie: Of cultures and humour

The fact that Charlie Hebdo won't make cartoons about the Holocaust nor would an American director joke about the assassination of his President shows that as sacred as freedom of expression may be it still has its limits.

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A French collateral damage

The collateral damage in France is the Muslim youth parked in the housing projects known as les cites: a European form of Bantustan. Photo©Reuters The man who got on a Parisian bus with me Wednesday was an Arab who had not shaven in four days. He had dark olive skin and kinky black hair and was visibly unbalanced: drugs? He sang to a popular tune "I'm going on Jihad. Won't you come on Jihad with me too?" He risks five years in prison and a 75 thousand euro fine.

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I am Charlie #JeSuisCharlie

We, the staff of The Africa Report, stand with our fallen colleagues, their friends and families - all those affected by the attack in the offices of Charlie Hebdo: Ahmed, Elsa, Franck, Frédéric, Michel, Mustapha, Honoré, Tignous, Bernard, Charb, Wolinski, Cabu.

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South African death toll in TB Joshua church collapse in Nigeria rises

The number of South Africans who died after a building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria last Friday has risen to 84, an envoy has said.

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Insurance: Takaful is not just for Muslims -Hassan Bashir

Hassan Bashir, Founder of Takaful Insurance of AfricaHassan Bashir, Founder of Takaful Insurance of Africa, says the Kenya-based company's products can bring possibilities to many and are not exclusively for people of the Muslim faith.

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South Africa sends forensic unit to Nigeria in church collapse search

The South African government has sent a specialised forensic unit to Nigeria to help identify its national who died after a guesthouse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) collapsed.

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TB Joshua's church in Nigeria not cooperating as scores of South Africans go missing in collapse

South African President, Jacob Zuma announced that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuriesSouth Africans from all walks of life have expressed shock at the number of locals reportedly killed after a church building collapsed in Nigeria.

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A Sudanese case of Tag, you're it

Observing the legal wrangling and socio-political to and fro that has held the lives of the Wani family in the balance for almost six months, the ghoulish, age old and never-ending children's game of Tag... you're it, also known as "run-outs", springs to mind.

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