Central African Republic child soldiers to be freed

File Photo©ReutersThe United Nations (UN) has secured the release of child soldiers from military groups in the Central African Republic (CAR).

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CAR: UN approves, mandates, and deploys 12,000 more soldiers to prevent genocide

In the last year, thousands of people have been killed and around a quarter of the country's 4.6 million people were displaced. File Photo©ReutersThe United Nations has deployed troops to the Central African Republic where 30 people have been killed in a recent resurgence of violence between Christians and Muslims.

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CAR: Muslim refugees under siege

File Photo©ReutersThe United Nations has requested more troops to protect Muslims in Central African Republic (CAR) living in makeshift camps and currently surrounded by armed militia groups.

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CAR turns the heat on Christian militants

Interim president of CAR, Samba-Panza says anti-balaka have become the ones who kill, who pillage, and who are violent. Photo©ReutersCentral African Republic (CAN) has declared war on anti-balaka, the rogue Christian militia bent on killing Muslims.

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CAR: France begins operation to disarm fighters

French soldiers stand guard during a patrol to check on the safety of French nationals in Bangui November 29, 2013. Photo©REUTERS/Joe PenneyFrench forces have started disarming militants in the Central African Republic following a wave of killings during clashes between rival groups.

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Zuma eulogises fallen soldiers amid criticism

South African President Jacob Zuma/Photo©ReutersSouth African President Jacob Zuma has vehemently defended the deployment of soldiers in the Central African Republic, saying the troops went there to defend national and continental interests.

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