An Open Letter to Africa's Leaders - Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique

H. E. Joaquim Chissano is the former President of Mozambique and current co-chair of the High-Level Task Force for the ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development)This is a transformative moment for Africa – and indeed, for the world.

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Needed: A new model of masculinity

In this marketplace of women's bodies men do the buying and the women do the selling, on the buyer's terms. This is the context for women's oppression, when 'woman as commodity' is taken to an uncomfortably logical extreme. It is the context for rape.

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Stopping rape? Clear the guns first

Zainab Bangura, UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict, speaking after her mission to the Central African Republic/UN Photo©Eskinder DebebeImagine being charged $100 for a medical certificate issued by a doctor proving that you have been raped before you can go after the culprit ― and then during his trial having to feed the man who raped you.

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Sex, English and Wages in Ugandan politics

Ugandan President Museveni said that members of parliament, insinuating the government had killed an MP, were idiots and fools Some Ugandans have begun openly referring to their legislators as "idiots", accusing the parliamentarians of failure to interpret the penal code and constitution regarding homosexuality.

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Uganda police hunts paedophile

Police in the East African country have stepped up a manhunt for a man accused of molesting underage boys.

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Last word: Rape is not an African problem

 LOLA SHONEYIN/PHOTO©ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDI've just finished reading Gypsy Boy – an autobiographical work by Mikey Walsh where he documents harrowing childhood experiences.

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Ugandan woman arrested over Asia sex trade

Photo/ReutersA Ugandan woman has been arrested for allegedly trafficking women to China and Malaysia to engage in sex slavery, as the East African country tries to stem what it considers a growing trend.

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Museveni wants defilers hanged

Uganda's President Museveni wants sex offenders hanged/Photo/ReutersUgandan leader, President Yoweri Museveni has suggested that men who commit incest or sleep with underage girls be executed, as they were a menace to society.

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Sex workers: Hard times at the love café

Girls attract the sailors into the Riviera club, but take them elsewhere for sex/Photo/MortonWith shore leave dwindling to only a few days, Durban's last remaining sailors' sex club is struggling for business, but for the women who work there it's a safer

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‪Africa in 2012: Afro-Med transitions, markets and politics‬

When Abeokuta's son and playwright Wole Soyinka called Italians "white Nigerians" he may not have had in mind Rome's billionaire prime minister Silvio...

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Uganda's AMISOM troops demand sex leave

Ugandan soldiers serving with AMISOM are asking for a sex break/Photo/ReutersUgandan soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Somalia with AMISOM have complained that they did not have access to their conjugal rights.

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Review: Jenifa Parts 1 & 2



Jenifa Parts 1 & 2, directed by Muyideen Ayinde, 180 mins


A satire on moral decadence at university, Jenifa is providing brisk business for Lagos’s DVD sellers. Styled on the Yoruba travelling theatre, this Nollywood video tells of the corruption of a student from humble beginnings. Jenifa makes friends with Tracy, Franca and Beck, and is brought into their fast life of on-campus prostitution. Sleeping with the ready queue of older ‘aristos’, politicians, 419ers and businessmen who pay for sex, Jenifa contracts AIDS and is then suspended for exam malpractice. The production values are decidedly Nollywood but Funke Akindele, in the title role, won the African Movie Academy Award 2009 for best female actress for her performance.

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