Ethiopia: Foreign oil companies invest US$2.4 billion to explore for oil

Map of EthiopiaNine oil exploring companies are currently exploring for oil in Ethiopia, investing a total of US$2.4 billion, the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines said on Tuesday.

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Ethiopia: UN staffer jailed 7 years on terrorism charges

Map of EthiopiaA United Nations employee was on Friday sentenced to seven years in prison by a an Ethiopian federal court.

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Film: The Pirate Tapes

altThe Pirate Tapes manages to go where no-one else has: right to the heart of the Somali pirate gangs that lord over Puntland.

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Kenya: Fury breaks out

Localised politics are a tinderbox that could erupt into an echo of the violence of 2007/Photo/THOMAS MUKOYA/REUTERSFrustrated by elite politicking in Nairobi, young activists at the local level are seizing the initiative to change the system from the bottom up – for better or for worse

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Somalia: Life without al-Shabab in Mogadishu

Somali team are expected to travel to Uganda to play in a tournament/Photo/ReutersRescued from the hands of Islamist militants, Al-Shabab, Somalia's capital city of Mogadishu has become a vista of life, excitement and civility as the country's blue flag replaces the black banner of the militants.

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Ethiopian court to give verdict against two Swedish journalists

Map of EthiopiaAn Ethiopian court, which has been hearing defence testimonies for the past two days, is expected to give its verdict to two Swedish journalists on 21 December 2011.

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Ethiopia to resettle 132 000 households

Map of EthiopiaEthiopia has announced plans to resettle around 132,000 households in less than a year.

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Ethiopian court to rule in Swedish journalists’ case

Map of EthiopiaAn Ethiopian court will on Thursday rule on whether a video allegedly linking two Swedish journalists to terrorism charges can be submitted as evidence.

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Kenya: Writers call Somali offensive a 'bout of blood-thirst' and say all Kenyans will pay

We, the undersigned, register, in the strongest terms, our opposition to Kenya's military incursion into Somalia.

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Guilty plea in Swede journalists’ Ethiopian trial

The two Swedish journalists who were arrested in a battle between Ethiopian troops and rebels in July on Thursday pleaded not guilty to terrorism but admitted entering the country illegally.

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