Zimbabwe moves in to clamp online dissent

File photo©STR/AP/SIPAZimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) has been accused of working with "cyber terrorists" to issue "subversive and inflammatory messages on social media".

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Green revolution: Harnessing earth, wind and fire

Photo©©PAUL LANGROCK/ZENIT-LAIF-REAOnly one in four Africans have access to electricity according to World Bank estimations, making the energy shortfall one of the most critical barriers to continental development.

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Big leaps from the platform: mobile money and Ushahidi

Photo©©SVEN TORFINN/PANOS-REAKenya's mobile-money transfer platform M-Pesa and crowdsourcing platform Ushahidi are two technology innovations that have put the East African country on the global technology map.

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Culture: Soaraway success on a shoestring

Photo©©GLENNA GORDON/THE NEW YORK TIMES-REDUX-REAIt's the kind of success story you only see in films: a nascent industry founded in the 1980s has blossomed into a sophisticated multi-million-dollar empire employing more than a million people and contributing around 5% to Nigeria's economy. Now larger than Hollywood, Nollywood is second only to India's gigantic Bollywood film industry, in terms of the volume of films made per annum.

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China, Africa ink $17 bln preliminary cooperation pacts

China's President Xi Jinping speaks during a Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Sandton, Johannesburg, December 4, 2015. REUTERS/Siphiwe SibekoChinese companies and banks agreed preliminary deals with African counterparts on $17 billion worth of cooperation in sectors including infrastructure, energy, pharmaceuticals and information technology, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Thursday.

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Ghanaian carmaker gets mass production boost

Photo©Kantanka.comGhanaian carmaker, Kantanka Automobile Company's determination to produce commercial quantities of cars received government backing last week after the country's vice president bought three of the company's vehicles to add to the president's office vehicle fleet.

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South Africa opens tender for wireless broadband licenses

Photo©ReutersSouth Africa's telecoms regulator opened a tender to bid for high-speed wireless broadband licenses on Friday as it seeks to increase access to the Internet and bring down costs for consumers. The high-speed broadband, known as spectrum, has been packaged into four lots with varying frequencies.

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New Ethiopian law targets online crime

Photo©ReutersThe Ethiopian legislature has ratified a new law prohibiting hate speech and online spamming.

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Venture capital: Kenya waiting for lift off

Many start-ups find themselves piggy in the middle – they are too big for microfinance, too small for banks. Photo© Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesA lack of financing is holding back Kenya's potential as a tech hub. But with more venture capital and private-equity firms moving in, that could soon change.

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Naspers invests $60 million in online-learning company Udemy

Media and e-commerce group Naspers, the largest listed company in Africa by market value, said on Thursday that it has invested $60 million in U.S. education-technology firm Udemy.

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Energy: Zambia shortlists bidders to build solar plants

Photo©AP/SIPAZambia has shortlisted bidders to build two large-scale 50 megawatt (MW) solar power generation plants as the nation battles a power deficit which threatens industrial output.

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Mandela Fellows: Pathway to Africa's economic growth is inclusion

Aurelie Adam Soule, Mandela Washington fellow from Benin. Photo©FacebookMandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders' initiative has concluded a three-day regional conference in Ghana, with a call on African leaders to pursue inclusive financial, social and digital policies to quicken the continent's development pace.

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Ghanaians own more than 35 million mobile phones

File photo©ReutersGhana's mobile subscription figure has soared astronomically, with more than 35 million people in the West African country now owning mobile phones, providing a big platform for innovative and creative mobile applications to boost living conditions.

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Should Africa prioritise maths and science education over arts?

At the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai in March 2016, delegates debated whether focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the detriment of arts fully equips children for the world ahead.

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Egypt plans to offer 4G licences within two weeks

Photo©ReutersEgypt plans to offer high-speed 4G telecoms licences to companies already operating in the country within two weeks, Telecom Minister Yasser al-Qadi said on local television channel CBC.

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Kenya in new technology drive as it seeks to boost tax collection

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General John NjirainiKenya, whose budget deficit this fiscal year unnerved investors, is recruiting new taxpayers and investing in technology to boost collections, the head of its tax agency said on Tuesday.

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Telecoms: Ghana seizes 300 000 sim boxes from syndicates

Photo©ReutersA company hired by Ghana to track down syndicates that manipulated the internet to make free international calls has uncovered 300 000 sim boxes used in the fraudulent activities, an official said on Friday.

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Television: Netflix doesn't hold all the aces

Photo©NetflixThe video-streaming behemoth launched its services in every African country in January. Are local providers running scared? Not in the least.

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Zimbabwe creates fund for technology innovation

Information Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira. Photo©ScreenShotZimbabwe has set up a $25 million fund supported by all registered telecommunications companies to promote technological innovation.

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Aggressive ICT policy reforms necessary for robust economic growth

Photo©ReutersPolicymakers have been urged to launch an aggressive intervention into the information, communication and technology (ICT) industry to stimulate rapid economic growth and tame growing youth joblessness and insecurity in Africa.

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