Naspers freezes African pay-TV prices as customers feel cash crunch

Photo©Sayyid Azim/AP/SIPAAfrica's largest provider of pay-television services Naspers has kept prices on the continent unchanged to halt a decline in subscriber numbers, its chief executive said on Monday.

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Africa's small screen rivals

Photo©fotolia; ebonylife.tvThe arrival of satellite channel TV Telemundo is bad news for the fledgling sector of African-made TV series. Will demand for African content allow our local heroes to stand up to their Latin American cousins?


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Animation: Africa's pixar takes off

Image©Sporedust-All Rights ReservedA small animation start-up wants to bring back traditional African storytelling. Sporedust's short cartoon Chicken Core will serve as the basis for a TV series or film that is part of the rapid expansion of the creative industries on the continent.

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ANC under fire for Mandela footage

Nelson Mandela (File Photo©Reuters)South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has come under attack for parading founding president Nelson Mandela on national television, looking very frail.

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Ghana sets digital TV migration standards

Ghana's analogue TV network will be switched off in phases starting from December 2014/Photo©ReutersGhana has introduced minimum specifications for receivers of its free to air digital terrestrial television (DTT) ahead of its 2014 deadline for the transition of television broadcasting services from analogue to digital technology.

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Ethiopia: Local TV station plays it safe

GemTV’s documentaries tell real stories in their own language – and inspire local kids to think about their future/PETTERIK WIGGERS/PANOS PICTURES UKComing up from the streets of the Mercato slum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, this video production company refuses to desert its local focus.

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Michael Dearham joins 'Cote Ouest Audiovisuel'

Cote Ouest Audiovisuel is proud and honored to welcome aboard Mr. Michael Dearham as Senior Vice President of the Group and General Manager of the Mauritian Office.

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Former President Nelson Mandela makes rare appearance

Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa/Photo/ReutersSouth Africa's iconic first post apartheid President Nelson Mandela made a rare television appearance on Wednesday to receive the African National Conogress' centenary flame .

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Kenya's social media to the rescue

With more about $70m in the kitty, Kenyans show the rest of Africa how to use social media platforms to mobilise for a social cause

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African film industry's new lease of life in distribution

The struggle to find a foothold for Africa's film industry, especially Nigeria's Nollywood, the second largest film industry in the world according UNESCO, whilst containing piracy may have finally bore fruit as several African companies devise strategies to outsmart the distribution challenges facing the continent.

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Nigerian Idol: Running the show

The first ever series has secured big-brand funding, notable industry judges – and an audience hungry ?for talent contest

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Anansi: Africans now puzzled by 'their Obama'


Africans jubilated when Barack Obama won the US presidential elections in November 2008. Kenya declared a national holiday, Ethiopians celebrated in the streets, Ghanaians watched the inauguration on television and many Nigerians travelled to Washington, DC to see it for themselves. ?Now the honeymoon is nearly over and people are asking what will change. Historically, Africa has been near the bottom of the totem pole of US foreign-policy concerns. Only wild optimists would expect that Obama’s Kenyan roots would compel him to reverse that. What leaders such as Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga want is for Obama and the US administration to take Africa seriously: a region to invest in and trade with – not just a troubled continent in need of food parcels.


??Nearly three months into the Obama era, some diplomats worried that little was moving in terms of US-Africa policy. The administration was yet to name an Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. Obama appointed a Middle East envoy within a week of his inauguration; his first official interview was with Al Arabiya, a Saudi Arabian-owned television network. After a first visit to Asia in late February, secretary of state Hillary Clinton soon followed up with trips to Israel and the West Bank, and then Europe.?


Africa seemed hardly on the radar in Washington except among aficionados who had plenty of time to speculate on candidates for the top Africa job in the State Department. The favourite remained veteran diplomat Johnnie Carson, formerly ambassador to Harare, Kampala and Nairobi.?


A special envoy for Darfur seemed likely to be appointed earlier, following a much-hyped, 23 February meeting between Hollywood celebrity George Clooney, just back from Darfur, and vice president Joe Biden. The message seemed designed to be: ‘We are serious about Africa.’


??The new US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, is a former assistant secretary of state for Africa and is strongly backing the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omer Hassan el Beshir. She opposed calls by the Arab League and the African Union for the warrant to be suspended for a year, during which President Omer would be pressured to negotiate with the Darfur opposition rather than murder and torture them.?


Few doubt the Sudanese leader’s guilt – three African presidents have said as much to The Africa Report – but all worry that under threat of his arrest the Khartoum regime might intensify the war, with even more horrific regional consequences.


?African diplomats in Washington are also asking about US plans for its Africa Command (Africom), which has met stiff resistance from African governments. Instead Africans want US help in establishing their own standby force, according to Nigerian foreign minister Ojo Maduekwe. 


Interview: Maroc Telecom

The Moroccan telecoms players' five year plan. 


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