Libyan forces clash with IS in Sirte

Photo©ReutersLibyan forces engaged in renewed clashes with Islamic State militants in Sirte on Thursday, a day after capturing a convention complex that had been a symbol of the militant group's authority in the city.

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Now is not the time to slacken our commitment to AMISOM

Francisco Caetano Madeira, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission for Somalia and Head of AMISOMThe recent co-ordinated bombings of the popular Ambassador and Nasa-Hablod Hotels in Mogadishu by al-Shabaab, reminds us of the fragility of our peace achievements in recent times in Somalia.

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Suspected South African IS recruits face court

File photo©Seth Perlman/AP/SIPAFour suspected South African Islamic State (IS) recruits, arrested during a raid by the country's special investigations unit in Johannesburg, appeared in court on Monday.

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Libya oil guards back NOC state oil company, preparing to reopen fields

A view of the anchorage at the Es Sider export terminal in Ras Lanuf, west of Benghazi/REUTERS/Esam Omran Al-FetoriLibya's oil guard brigades, which control Ras Lanuf and Es Sider, two major export terminals closed since 2014, are working with the unity government's state oil company, NOC, and preparing to reopen fields to pump crude again, a spokesman said on Thursday.

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Somalia: A rise that is visible to only a few

Somali children play on swings at the Mogadishu Guest House, in Mogadishu. Photo©Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP/SIPAThe horrors that defined the Horn of Africa country during the civil war are slowly giving way to a new Somalia, one that is becoming relatively peaceful and is making slow but steady socioeconomic and political progress. The problem is that few people are noticing this change.

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Libya's unity government loses 10 soldiers in battles with Islamic State

Many Africans who left to fight alongside IS in Syria and Iraq are returning home, creating a ready pool of potential recruits. Photo©AP/SIPAAt least 10 soldiers aligned with Libya's internationally backed government were killed in skirmishes with the Islamic State (IS) near its stronghold in Sirte, as concern grows about the rising strength of the Islamist group in the country.

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Terrorism or internal conflicts? Scrambling for solutions

Boko Haram. File photo©AP/SIPAWith the emergence of groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the spread of Somalia's Al-Shabaab attacks into Kenya and Uganda, many are asking whether terrorism is becoming the dominant mode of conflict across Africa.

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Coming up: A new Burkina Faso

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon listens as Burkina Faso President Roch Marc Christian Kabore, right, speaks during a press briefing at the presidency in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Thursday, March. 3, 2016. Photo©Theo Renaut/AP/SIPABurkina Faso is trying to pick up its pieces and chart a new path, with a new agenda of democratic and economic changes, following over a quarter century authoritarian rules.

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Angola needs to combat money laundering

Angola's central bank governor, Valter Filipe da Silva. Photo©ScreenShotAngola needs to fight money laundering and financing terrorism by focussing on ethics and morality in its banking sector the central bank's governor, Valter Filipe da Silva, said.

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Liberia: Africa's unknown tax haven with much to lose

Photo©Emrah/AP/SIPAAs world leaders consider what to do about the revelations emerging from the Panama Papers, Liberia's government will be worrying about the fall-out that may cross the Atlantic Ocean from the affair.

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Ghana: Security chiefs issue terror attack alert

Photo©Christian Thompson/AP/SIPAGhana's top security officials have warned locals and foreign residents to be vigilant and to report any suspicious character to security agencies, as the country faces a "credible terrorist threat" after its neighbours suffered a sequence of deadly attacks.

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West African clergymen demand action against terrorists

File photo©Andrew Medichini/AP/SIPACatholic Church leaders from West Africa have condemned terrorist attacks in the region and urged governments to act decisively to end the scourge.

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Security: A new war against Boko Haram

In Baga today a few hundred former residents have returned to try to rebuild their lives. Photo©STR/AFPNigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and his military chiefs have announced a new army division in the north to protect the former rebel-held areas, but the regional fight is not yet won.

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Islamic State's caliphate: Afghan invasion was critical

Madawi Al-Rasheed - Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed, the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha’ilThe creation of the global jihadi movement, to counter the Soviet Union's influence during the cold war, lacked an exit strategy, says Madawi Al-Rasheed, Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed - the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha'il. She explains the effect this had on Saudi Arabia after the cold war and why Da'esh (Islamic State - IS) decided to announce a caliphate.

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Islamic State in Africa and the grim utopia

Photo©AL HAYAT/AFPIslamic State fighters are setting up a base of operations in Libya, as the regional fight against the Nigeria-based Boko Haram takes a new turn. But do African governments have the tools to respond to radicalisation and terrorist attacks?

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Boko Haram suffer huge setback in Cameroon raid

File Photo©ReutersExtreme Islamists militants, Boko Haram have suffered severe setback and losses at the hands of the Cameroonian army, after a raid on its stronghold in northeastern Nigeria claimed the lives of over 150 militants.

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Ghana: John Mahama's government allays fears of attacks after taking in ex-Guantanamo detainees

A United States Department of Defence report in 2009 described Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef as posing a high risk to America, its interest and allies. Photo©US Dept of DefenseGhana's government has defended its decision to take in two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners at the request of the United States, saying the duo from Yemen do not pose any security risk.

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Tourism: Egypt to increase security measures after Red Sea resort attack

Egypt's Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou says the country will announce even greater security measures to safeguard all tourists. Photo©ReutersEgypt's Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou said on Saturday that the government will announce additional security measures to safeguard tourists after an attack in the Red Sea resort of Hurgada left three injured on Friday.

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Niger takes the fight to Boko Haram

Photos© JDD/SIPANiger has not been spared from the Islamist threat in West Africa.

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Chad Country Profile 2015: All in the family

altElectoral preparations will dominate the political debate in Chad in 2015 and into 2016.

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