Investment: Made in Ethiopia

Almeda Textiles benefits from low overhead costs, but is limited by challenging logistics. Photo©USAID AE TRADE HUBLow costs attract investors, but there are many obstacles to the country's industrialisation.

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South Africa's largest union on the brink of a split?

Zwelinzima Vavi, Cosatu General SecretaryA leading South African trade union has vowed to put the problems it faced in 2014 behind it next year as it eflected on a 'difficult year.'

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BRICS countries lead global capital flight-report

The BRICS grouping of emerging market nations is leading the flight of illicit capital from the developing world, according to data in a new report released this week.

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AGOA: US and South Africa in chicken trade row

Photo©ReutersTwo United States senators have threatened to try to block South Africa from a lucrative U.S.-Africa trade agreement if Pretoria doesn't lift import duties on cheaper cuts of chicken.

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Vitol places lowest offer in Ethiopia oil product tender

European oil trader Vitol is likely to clinch a term deal to supply nearly 1.2 million tonnes of oil products into Ethiopia for next year, industry sources said on Wednesday.

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Kenya: Currency dips after militants kill 36 people

Kenya's currency fell against the dollar in early trading after suspected al Shabaab militants from neighbouring Somalia attacked a quarry near the border killing 36 people.

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Lobbying: Africa needs a unified agenda - Rosa Whitaker

Rosa Whitaker, President of The Whitaker Group. Photo©Great Decisions in Foreign Policy on PBSThe US government's first trade representative for Africa talks to The Africa Report about the need for lobbyists in Washington's politics, how African countries are shaping their images and the ways that dodgy players cheat their clients.

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Samsung expects squeeze in African growth

Samsung Electronics expects its recent stellar revenue growth in Africa to slow sharply this year as the continent begins to succumb to the delayed effects of global economic weakness.

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Bigger is better for Ghana’s malls

The shiny new malls are aimed at middle-class Ghanaians, but also attract big spenders from Nigeria. Photo©Chris Stein for JANew shopping centres are sweeping the continent, and they are bigger, shinier and busier. In West Africa, Ghana is taking the lead with the largest in the region.

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How diverse is Nigeria's economy across state lines?

Lagos is thriving on successful tax collection and lucrative public-private partnerships. Photo©GWENN DUBOURTHOUMIEU FOR JAA breakdown of Africa's largest economy into its 36 states shows striking differences. Poorer states need to expand their revenue bases to catch up.

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Ethiopia, Egypt seek closer ties as Nile hydroelectric dam advances

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, met at an African Union summit in Malabo in June this year. Photo©ReutersEthiopia hopes a raft of deals signed with Egypt on Monday would enhance frosty relations with its North African neighbour, despite Cairo's lingering concerns over the potential impact of a 6,000MW power dam project.

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Angola's Sonangol seeks to ship oil to Indonesia in 2015

File Photo©ReutersAngola's state oil and gas company, Sonangol is hoping to start supplying crude oil to Indonesia's state oil firm early next year in a possible joint venture, company officials said on Monday.

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South Africa's Massmart in competition complaint against Shoprite, Pick N Pay

The unit of Wal-Mart Stores says it has filed a complaint with SA's competition watchdog. Photo©ReutersSouth Africa's Massmart Holdings has filed an anti-competition complaint against three major rivals to fight their exclusive leases with shopping centres, the discount retailer said on Monday.

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French firm to help with import standards as Zimbabwe battles with cheap imports

The Zimbabwe government has hired a French based firm, Bureau Veritas, to enforce import standards, while it works on enacting consumer protection and standards laws.

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Egyptian government approves plan to allow rice exports

Egypt's government has approved plans to allow rice exports, the supplies minister said on Thursday in a move welcomed by traders but carrying terms which could hinder the return of the country's medium-grain rice to the international market.

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Ghana seeks to clamp down on illegal retailers

Ghana is considering the introduction of special courts to deal with foreigners illegally operating retail businesses amid concerns that locals are being pushed out of the sector.

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Cote d'Ivoire tightens regulation of world's leading cocoa sector

Ivory Coast's government has introduced stricter regulation of its world-leading cocoa sector for the 2014/15 season as it reasserts its control following a decade of liberalisation, according to a document from the country's marketing board.

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South Africa, Nigeria spat over arms deal

Reports say Goodluck Jonathan (L) had called Jacob Zuma (R) to inform him about the arms purchase. Photo©ReutersTensions have risen between Nigeria and South Africa over a second botched arms deal.

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Mauritius: Bruisers, Bankers and Business leaders

Paul Bérenger (1), Xavier-Luc Duval (2), Shalinee Valaydon (3)While the country's politicians have their eyes set on elections slated for 2015, its executives and athletes are looking further afield, to the rest of Africa and beyond.

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Double deal for Ghanaian cocoa farmers

Photo©ReutersCocoa farmers in the West African country have been given a huge incentive to produce more, following government's decision to raise the producer price of cocoa by 62.74%.

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