Buying Moroccan is simpler and cheaper - Mohamed Lamrani

MOHAMED LAMRANI Chief executive officer, Marjane, Morocco/Photo/MARJANEIn a context of heavy competition and price wars, Mohamed Lamrani, the Chief executive officer of the leading chain of supermarkets (Marjane) in the kingdom is redoubling his efforts with plans to invest $142m. Marjane will open 40 new stores by 2015.


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Ethiopia's industrial web, stitch by stitch

Assembling gloves at a factory in Addis Ababa, part of Ethiopia’s textile revolution/Photo/PHOTO12.COM/ALAMYEthiopia is taking advantage of rising wages in Asia, and its own natural advantages in agriculture and cattle-raising, to build a light-industry base that is being

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A criminal silence over the Libyan mess

The silence of the western press on the situation in Libya is deafening. This is no surprise as the pessimistic predictions of the critics of NATO's war to oust Gaddafi become reality.

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Anansi: The parliamentary road to Islamism

Egypt, where the Muslim Brothers' Freedom and Justice Party won over 37 per cent of the vote, has formally abandoned the position of its earlier ideologues/Photo/ReutersThe credible elections in North Africa showing the growing support for Islamist parties raise a critical question: How committed are these parties to pluralist politics? Put bluntly, what would happen if an Islamist party in power lost an election?

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Ghana goes to Asia: Ankara, Guangdong missions open

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul accompanied by a 100 member business delegation visited Ghana in March, 2011/Photo/ReutersGhana's is set to open a new diplomatic mission in Ankara, Turkey and a consulate-general in Guanghou, the provincial capital of Guangdong in China.

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Uganda's Museveni in Somalia talks

Ugandan president Yoweri Musevini's spokesperson says the London conference on Somalia will agree a series of practical measures/Photo/ReutersUganda's President Yoweri Museveni is in London alongside some of his military commanders to attend the conference on Somalia currently underway.

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Who's in Somalia? And why?

Below is a list of countries that have deployed forces or provide military support to troops on the ground in Somalia, and some of the reasons behind the military action.

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Turkey's Erdogan strikes gold with Arab Spring

The dynamic premier has been dashing around the continent and beyond, reshaping Ankara's foreign policy to include new regions and priorities

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A new world order on hold

The diplomatic power of emerging states - China, India, Brazil and Russia - is yet to match their economic weight

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Ghana - Turkey trade volume double

Turkish President Abdullah Gul hosted a Turkish trade fair in Ghana/Photo/ReutersTrade volume between Ghana and Turkey more than doubled to US$448 million in 2011 from US$175 million the previous year.

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A game changer in Iran?

Stefan Simanowitz assesses the impact of the latest report from the IAEA

 on the state of Iran's nuclear enrichment programme

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Turkey: An enlarged sphere

Since the fall of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Turkey has wasted no opportunities to step into the limelight of Middle Eastern politics. Now it's asserting itself as the moral leader in the region.

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Turkey pledges Libya support amid Ethiopian investment talks

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was in Ethiopia on Monday where he held emergence talks with Ethiopian and African Union (AU) Commission officials on Libya.

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Libya: ?Wade calls for Gaddafi to step down

Speaking from the rebel-held city of Benghazi, Senegal’s president Abdoulaye Wade had a message for Libya’s leader: “It is in your own interest and the interest of all the Libyan people that you leave power in Libya and never dream of coming back to power.” ?

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Anansi: After Osama bin Laden, Islamist parties strengthened by Arab Spring?

Has the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden weakened or strengthened Islamist parties in Africa and the Middle East? Certainly in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Yemen they are on a roll this year, buoyed by the toppling of a couple of autocrats and the undermining of many more. Yet the demise of Osama bin Laden may help those Islamist parties assume a less threatening posture as they compete for power in elections.

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Turkey?: Trading delight?

The Turkish government is starting a new wave of African diplomatic lobbying in order to boost its economic ties as part of a newly created strategic partnership.

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Economic reforms must taper into political reforms says Kaberuka

altPresident of the African Development Bank Donald Kaberuka unpacks the complex relationship between African countries and their emerging partners on a changing political map, and explains why legal expertise in drawing up contracts is key        

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A tale of two Tunisias

The façade, and the painful reality that lay behind it, ?provides a clue to the next steps of the revolution: development programmes for neglected regions and the launching of a more equitable economic model   

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Shockwaves across North Africa

In a region where stasis and repression seemed to offer no hope, a generation of young and committed revolutionaires have swept aside the autocrats. North Africa and the Middle East are having to learn a new language, one of democracy and pluralism.

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Is the US ready for democracy in North Africa and the Middle East?

Anti-government protesters in Tunisia and Egypt called for an end to authoritarianism. Since the US had friendly ties with rulers of both countries, we ask if it will welcome democracy there.

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