Saudi Arabia deports 39 female Ghanaian pilgrims without male guardians

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims make their way to cast stones at a pillar symbolizing the stoning of Satan, in a ritual called At least 39 female Ghanaian Muslim pilgrims travelling for Hajj in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca have been repatriated because they had no male relatives escorting them, a statement from Ghana's Pilgrims office (PAOG) said on Monday.

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Do female African journalists get the respect they deserve?

The Committee to Protect Journalists' 2016 edition of Attacks on the Press focuses on gender-based attacks on journalists, a problem compounded by fear of discrimination in the workplace if the victims speak out.

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Climate Change: Tomorrow will already be too late - President Gurib-Fakim

President of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib-FakimClimate change, which will affect rainfall patterns and make sea levels rise, is a reality and impacting on people's livelihoods globally, Mauritius President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim has said.

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Mandela Fellows: Pathway to Africa's economic growth is inclusion

Aurelie Adam Soule, Mandela Washington fellow from Benin. Photo©FacebookMandela Washington Fellowship for young African leaders' initiative has concluded a three-day regional conference in Ghana, with a call on African leaders to pursue inclusive financial, social and digital policies to quicken the continent's development pace.

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South African CEO apologises for 'bitch switch' comment

Jose Dos Santos, CEO of telecoms group Cell C. Photo©ScreenShotThe CEO of telecoms group Cell C apologised on Wednesday for telling a radio interviewer that women had a "bitch switch" and attractive women boosted office morale.

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Ghana: UNICEF improves child nutrition

File photo©ReutersBold interventions launched by the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in one of Ghana's poorest regions, Volta, has significantly reduced stunted growth incidents and improved nutrition among children and pregnant women, health officials reported.

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Film & Cinema: Tunisians defy censorship and win awards

A scene from much loved. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe November 2015 Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia showed there is a demand for more challenging and thought-provoking films, despite strong voices of disapproval in the region.

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TV & Cinema: Pushing out beyond the comfort zone

Women’s Prison by Kamla Abu Zekry (Left), Mohamed Khan’s Factory Girls (Right Bottom) Nabil Ayouch’s Much Loved (Right Top). Photo©All Rights ReservedA new wave of North African filmmakers is defying moral conservatism to turn a candid lens on the harsh and disturbing realities of women's lives.

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Trend hunter: Queens of Kenya's tiny screen

In Kenya a growing number of young women have channelled flaunting it into a business, harnessing Instagram and social media and brokering sponsorship deals for their selfies and short clips giving style, fashion and beauty inspiration.

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Women lead the charge in post-Ebola Guinea

Djakagbe Kaba, head of the women's organisation AGACFEM. Photo©Ruth McdowellA women's cooperative saw its work almost reduced to ashes after years of work as the Ebola outbreak ravaged the West African country of Guinea, but the women would have the last say.

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Uganda MPs mull legalising prostitution to curb sexual offence rates

Ugandan legislators are spilt down the middle over the legalisation of prostitution, as they debate the Sexual Offences Amendment Bill, which seeks to curb the high sexual offence rates.

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Health: Ugandan women seek abortion right

Thousands of Ugandans have signed a petition calling for parliament to abolish a colonial law criminalising abortion, demanding the country's legislators legalise safe pregnancy terminations.

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Why the fuel subsidies pump should be switched off

Max Bankole Jarrett, Deputy Director of the Africa Progress Panel. Photo©All Rights Reserved Despite the climate challenge, we see that billions of dollars are still spent subsidising fuel consumption within Africa and providing exploration subsidies to international fossil fuel companies.

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Uganda: Queen advocates for better education for girls

Queen of the Baganda kingdom, Sylvia Nagginda. Photo©Screen Shot/ Youtube/ TEDxUganda's Queen of the Baganda kingdom, Sylvia Nagginda has urged young girls from the East African nation to stay in school and delay having sex, as their education was key to the country's development.

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Ghana: Amnesty International raises concern over gender based violence

File photo©ReutersThe perpetration of violence of against women and girls in Ghana remains widespread, a concern Amnesty International raised on Wednesday in its 2014/15 human rights report.

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A case for Maternal health

Trainee midwives demonstrating the childbirth process using a birth simulator in Kampala, Uganda. Photo©UNFPA/Evelyn Kiapi Many women and babies still die during childbirth across Africa despite progress in some countries.

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Famine threat to South Sudan if war continues to block aid

In the swampy frontlines of South Sudan's conflict, women spend hours pounding wild fruits, water lilies and grasses to feed their children, just two months after the harvest.

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Time to hear the ticking of a time bomb

Source: UNICEF; ‘African demography’ by Jean-Pierre Guengant and John May, 2013Population growth on the continent continues to accelerate.

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Ghana shuts down witches' camp

Alleged witches gather in Kukuo village, Northern Ghana Photo©Jane Hahn/ActionAidThe government of Ghana, in a historical move, has closed down one of the many witches' camps at Bonyasi, a community in Central Gonja District in the northern part of the country, housing suspected witches for years without trial.

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Namibia goes for full electronic voting

File photo©ReutersNamibia will become the first African nation to use an electronic voting system, as it prepares to elect a new president and a record number of women in government.

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