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Mobile phones revolutionise youth creativity

Photo©ReutersLow internet rates, increasing connectivity and mobile apps have ushered in a new era for the continent, reshaping youth cultures and creativity. Today about 650 million Africans, particularly the youths, use mobile phones for both social and functional purposes.

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Nigeria: World Bank joins efforts to invest in youths

Map of NigeriaNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has urged economists to find strategies of utilising a $300 million World Bank grant to end poverty and unemployment in the country.

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Investing in Agriculture: AgDevCo plants, waters and waits

FrutiManica’s banana project in Mozambique, funded jointly by AgDevCo and a private investor/Photo/AgDevCo Agricultural projects take more time to mature and investors are developing new models to encourage businesses to appreciate a longer bottom line.

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Coalition of NGOs want Ghana to reject World Bank's report on health

A coalition of local and international non-governmental organisations in health in Ghana, is asking the government to reject World Bank's proposal to adopt cost-sharing to sustain its National Health

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Africa's industrialisation process has begun

JEAN-MICHEL SEVERINO ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT HOLLANDE AND FORMER HEAD OF THE AGENCE FRANÇAISE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT/Photo/TARJean-Michel Severino, former head of the Agence Française de Développement and advisor to newly elected French president, François Hollande, talks to The Africa Report in this exclusive interview about Africa's industrialisation process and China's impact on the continent's infrastructure development.

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Ethiopia gets $400m laon from World Bank

Photo/ReutersEthiopia and the World Bank signed late on Tuesday three loan agreements worth $400 million to finance various existing projects.

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Ethiopia: Powering ahead 
with a strategy

Photo/ReutersEthiopia aims to become the France of Africa, exporting energy across the region, and hopes to become an oil producer also.

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Ethiopia inflation drops by 4.4%

Map of EthiopiaEthiopia's annual inflation rate fell for a third straight month in May 2012 to 25.5 percent from 29.8 percent in the previous month, the Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency said Wednesday.

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Strategic Leadership for Senior Executives from Africa

World Bank's recent research has acknowledged that sustained growth in the coming years would come from emerging countries. However, their research has also revealed that corporate governance appears to be the bane of many organizations in evolving countries, hence the urgent need for senior executives to raise their game via capacity development programmes on areas such as strategic leadership.

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Ethiopia can look to 
light manufacturing 
to create jobs - Justin Lin

Sub-Saharan countries like Ethiopia have an edge in low-tech manufacturing owing to abundant labour and natural resources, says the World Bank chief economist, Justin Lin. He encourages Asian-inspired and market policies and says the Horn of Africa country can look to 
light manufacturing 
to create jobs.

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Ghana: Politics by numbers

Rural villages will not be Ghana’s electoral battle ground/Photo/HAYDN WEST/REX FEATUR/REX/SIPAThe election campaign is turning into a battle of statistics between the rival parties.

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Mali's profitable fashion statement

Amidst harsh economic conditions, Malian women are improving their lives by producing hand-dyed local fabric called bazin that has brought them fame and fortune, reports Kingsley Ighobor and Aisatta Haidara.

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Palm-oil springs in Africa

Photo/Olivier/JeuneAfriqueAsian and European industries are storming the African continent in search of arable land. Palm-oil represents a great opportunity as long as agricultural development

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Spotlight on Makhtar Diop

altThe Senegalese technocrat prepares to take over the World Bank's Africa portfolio from Nigeria's Obiageli Ezekwesili in the next few months.

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Debate: How to fix South Africa?

altSouth Africa embodied so much hope in 1994. Nearly 20 years later, day-to-day politics are dominated by stories of crony capitalism, an increasingly...

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Zambeef finds more ways to take a bigger bite

altThe Southern African agribusiness company is looking to Nigerian cattle and Zambian palm oil to diversify and grow its operations.

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MDGs: Fine-tuning water and sanitation

Water nears the summit, while sanitation lags at the base camp. 

Though there have been great strides forward in providing clean, safe drinking water for the world's poorest, there is a mountain to climb when it comes to providing proper sanitation in Africa.

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Agriculture: Brown gold jackpot

altLast year's bumper cocoa crop masks a reluctance to invest in other agricultural sectors.

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World Bank: Graduate blues for middle-income countries

altGovernment planners need to adjust their strategies as the changing of a country's status at international financial institutions leads to new loan terms.

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How Ngozi failed World Bank bid

f‪rom top left to right: former presidents, james wolfensohn, paul wolowitz,  robert zoellick‬ from bottom left to right (2012 candidates): ngozi okonjo-iweal, jim yong kim‬, jose antonio ocampo/Photos/ReutersThe backdrop to Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's failed bid to lead the World Bank is the racial discriminiation that continues to erode the legitimacy and credibiity of the

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