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The Africa Report n°111 is out now. Get ready for Disruption !

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Exclusive ranking of the TOP 50 Africans shaking up the status quo

Team Trump is driving a new initiative: to give small US companies a helping hand to find African opportunities

In South Africa, Ramaphosa's reform efforts are being thwarted

A sideways look at the continent’s economic options

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Can South Africa stay one step ahead of the pandemic?

Can South Africa stay one step ahead of the pandemic?

South Africa was one of the first African countries to implement a full lockdown, ahead of others, such as the UK and the US. Doing so was meant to minimize the expected impact a global pandemic could have on the health of its citizens and on its economy. But as the lockdown eases, the devastating impact on the continent's second biggest economy is evident. This exclusive series explores how COVID-19 has impacted the South African economy and it if will manage to steer itself away from the worst-case scenarios.

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Will Egypt finds its way out of the pandemic?

Just as it gets back on its feet, Egypt takes another hit. Corruption, revolution, instability and now a pandemic. Its strongest sector that ... was beginning to climb back to pre-2011 levels was the first to go: tourism. The pyramids were built to withstand the test of time, but will Egypt manage to withstand the fallout from the coronavirus that has wreaked havoc on the some of the world's strongest economies? We delve into this question in our exclusive series that looks at how Egypt will weather this sand storm.

How will Nigeria navigate the pandemic

For Africa’s biggest oil-fired economy an abyss beckons. Nigeria may see its export revenues halved to $26bn this year, the consequence of ... an oil-price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia and a global recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The depth of this economic crash is forcing policy changes, devaluing the naira and ending fuel subsidies, and the government is doubling down on its aim of boosting national production in agriculture and manufacturing. In this exclusive new series, correspondents from The Africa Report look at the prospects for remaking Nigeria’s economy and politics in the shadow of the pandemic.

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