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The Africa Report n°113

The Africa Report n°113 is out now.

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Nigeria celebrated six decades of independence on 1 October, and we look at where the country is heading for the next 60. We talked with vice-president Yemi Osinbajo and many other leading lights.

While Covid-19 pushes gold sky-high as a safe haven, artisanal miners earn less than ever and smuggling, corruption and geopolitics rob Africa of tax revenue. The Africa Report investigates the deep, dark truth of the precious metal.

Three years after the military coup that propelled him to power, supporters of Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa are having buyers’ remorse. We map the loyalists, oppositionists and foreign envoys who make up a fragmented landscape.

The man who raised Kenya’s Equity Bank and its shareholders from the gutter to the stars talks about inclusivity, globalisation and economic morality in the post-Covid era as he contemplates a philanthropic retirement.

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Red Sea Dynamics

Red Sea Dynamics

The Red Sea has always been the site of power plays amongst countries vying for its control. From the ancient Egyptian expeditions to Punt land, to the Romans who established its role as an important artery for trade with the East. And today, beneath its calm and pristine turquoise waters, it remains in constant flux as its regional players and those from outside compete for a chance to secure their interests. The strategic artery can be both a beacon of peace or a catalyst for destruction. We look at its ever-changing dynamics in this exclusive series.

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