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Egypt: Will the private sector put trains back on track?

By Sherif Tarek
Posted on Monday, 5 July 2021 19:12

Train derails in Egypt in Qalioubia province, north of Cairo
Egyptian police officers stand guard at the site where train carriages derailed in Qalioubia province, north of Cairo, Egypt April 18, 2021. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egypt’s deadly train crashes persist despite attempts to revitalise its dilapidated railway network. But now the private sector seems poised to get involved in managing and operating the lines – a step that does not necessarily guarantee improvements.

Two years ago, a train accident that killed 25 people after a locomotive slammed into a barrier at the capital’s main Ramses railway station, was thought to be the breaking point for Egypt. What followed was upheaval in the sector and a light shed on the country’s ageing railways.

But the government’s persistent efforts since then appear to be anything but adequate to reduce the number deadly train crashes that have made headlines in recent months.