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Can Cameroon’s PM Ngute hold on to his job?

By Georges Dougueli
Posted on Monday, 5 July 2021 20:14

Joseph Dion Ngute, at the national dialogue, in September 2019. © Maboup

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, who was recently questioned by investigating judges over the mismanagement of funds earmarked for Cameroon’s Covid-19 response, is in a sticky situation, all while facing challenges from powerful rivals. Is he paying the price for going his own way in President Paul Biya’s administration?

State secrets are not very secret in Cameroon. Despite taking every precaution, in no time the news leaked that prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute had appeared on 12 June before investigating judges of the Tribunal Criminel Spécial.

It made little difference that they chose to meet with him at the weekend and in the privacy of his own residence, located along the banks of Yaoundé Lake, to hear his side of the story regarding the mishandling of Covid-19 funds.