Libya: Why are there more than 20,000 fighters from Russia, Syria and Chad?

By Sofiane Orus-Boudjema

Posted on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 09:35, updated on Monday, 2 May 2022 11:10
Members of the LNA in Benghazi, Libya, in July 2017 (illustration) © Esam Omran Al-Fetori/REUTERS

At the last summit in Berlin, the international community demanded that the 20,000 or so Russian, Syrian and Chadian mercenaries present on Libyan territory leave the country. But who are these fighters, where do they come from and who is financing them?

The countries that met in Berlin under the auspices of the UN unanimously declared that “all foreign forces and mercenaries must be withdrawn from Libya without delay.” The latest conference, which took place on 23 June, on the crisis that has been tearing the country apart since 2011 aimed to resolve the issue of mercenaries present on Libyan territory.